Bernardo Chua Receives His Honor

Even though he was barely able to get to the ceremony in Manila, Bernardo Chua was able to attend with two of his staff members to receive a Bayan award as a people’s choice in The Philippines. His company was founded over 30 years ago as Organo Gold, and he has been producing organic coffees and nutrition products for people all over Asia.

His company has gotten a great deal of press recently as it has delved into the supplements market. They produce an organic mushroom that is know for its anti-oxidant powers, and they have other supplements that people can take for their health.

When he was given the award, Chua was pleased to note that his company has remained proudly in The Philippines for all these years. He has dedicated much of his work to his home nation, and he works very hard to produce products that will help the citizens of the country. This people’s choice award is one that allows everyone to see what a wonderful product Organo Gold is. If you are not from The Philippines, you may be interested to know what they are all about, and this is the perfect time to learn about them.

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