Baltimore Residents Young and Old Come out to Help Clean up after Riots

Tuesday morning, as groups of local and state police guarded the streets of Baltimore following the damaging riots on Monday, other groups of individuals began to emerge. Some noble adults, teenagers and tots alike came out, armed with brooms and dustpans, with the intent of cleaning up their city. While damage and looting was wide-spread across the city, the worst effects of the previous days rioting could be seen in the vicinity of Pennsylvania and West North Avenues, were a ravished and burned-out CVS pharmacy now stands in ashes.

Those volunteering to straighten up the mess from the misdeeds of yesterday’s groups were not organized by any entity, just plain folks wanting to show their love and support for their city. Once such resident, 45-year old Byron Murphy, took the day off from his job at the city’s health department to help his neighbors in the effort. A collection of teens could be seen across the street from Murphy, working their own brooms and putting their day off from school to good use. All the while, even younger kids like 8-year old Milan and 9-year old Zamarai were sweeping up in front of the burned-out CVS saying, “We wanted to help the community out.” Crystal Hunt, an actress, reiterated the words of Mr. Rogers, “Look for the helpers.”

While Tuesday held an air of optimism by Baltimore residents for the most part, some still showed signs of resentment. Twenty-seven year old resident Onisha Anthony merely complained that she will have a much farther walk for her milk now that the CVS is gone, and is apparently misinformed because she states, “If an innocent person hadn’t been shot, none of this would have happened.” God bless the good people of Baltimore.

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