Avi Weisfogel and His Connection to Operation Smile

Founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, Operation Smile has helped thousands of children across the globe by providing them with free dental care. Operation Smile started off in the Philippines but has since expanded to over 80 nations and has provided well over 200,000 free surgical procedures.

Operation Smile works with countless organizations, governments and hospitals to create new surgical care models. Its goal is to create new solutions that will reach as many children across the globe as possible. Some of the missions of Operation Smile include importing equipment or medical professionals to certain regions. In order to provide care in a patient’s own culture and language, Operation Smile works closely with local medical providers.

Providing free surgical procedures to thousands of children comes at a price. Avi Weisfogel DDS has set up a GoFundMe campaign in order to benefit Operation Smile. Weisfogel’s goal is set at $2000 and all money donated will be given to the organization. Weisfogel decided to make Operation Smile the beneficiary of his GoFundMe campaign because he believes that children deserve access to the best medical care no matter where they are or what their background is.
For those who do not know, Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist in New Jersey. Weisfogel is passionate about educating and helping anyone in need of dental care. Avi Weisfogel decided to start this GoFundMe campaign a few months ago. His decision to benefit Operation Smile stems from his desire to give as many people as possible proper dental care. Check out Avi’s educational YouTube Video below!

With this contribution, Operation Smile will only be able to grow. The expansion of this organization will help millions of children who suffer from dental problems including cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Source: http://www.abc6.com/story/31366182/avi-weisfogel-dds-launches-gofundme-campaign-set-up-to-benefit-operation-smile

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