Avaaz Equals Collaboration for a Cause

Avaaz is the culmination of the individual’s effort working with others to improve the world in some way. The organization has been around a little over six years now and through their efforts, they’ve accumulated a strong following of supporters ranging in the double millions and their members span across the globe. The organization is based around petitioning and pre-organized events for specific, meaningful movements and their campaigns are created in 15 different languages and said campaigns are served by thousands of active members over 6 continents.

One of Avaaz’s strongest policies that they stand behind is valuing taking action for what you believe in. They exercise the right to involve themselves in activism activities using a number of methods. These methods include media funded campaigns, professional level petitioning, up close and personal activism, contacting and lobbying, emails, and through organizing certain offline type event protests for special cases.

Thanks to the age of digital communication, active citizens’ groups across the world no longer have to worry about building a constituency for each separate issue and in slowly building the attention for their cause that it rightly deserves. Instead, the internet has become an irreplaceable commodity for getting your message across and allowing your voice to reach the attention of the right parties.

Power of choice is up to the members of Avaaz. Supporting a truly strong point of individual say, Avaaz allows its members to participate in an all-member poll in order to decide which issues are the most important to concentrate on at any given point. These ideas are tested through such member open polls and each vote cast is equally taken into consideration towards building a solid petition or to create the right amount of buzz around the hot topics. In this way, the most important issues to the majority are discovered and Avaaz’s members can work together to achieve a lasting result.

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