Authors Supporting Our Troops Begins Second Year

Last year, horror author Armand Rosamilia began a book collecting effort unlike any other. By using social media and blogging, Armand began collecting signed books from authors and publishers across the country. Each one of these books found their ways into the hands of American soldiers stationed overseas and in remote areas through his Authors Supporting Our Troops initiative. Soldiers stationed in these types of areas may have a harder time picking up books from American authors.

While he knows these troops can use more necessary items, this is not what he created Authors Supporting Our Troops for. Through all of 2014, Armand and friends managed to collect almost 3,000 signed books for American soldiers stationed in remote areas. His goal for 2015, is to get 3,500 signed books into the hands of these brave men and women. This goal of 3,500 books for the troops needs authors to participate, but they are also looking for readers to help out in different ways. If you believe in the cause, you can donate money, time or simply share the story and links with your friends.

It is always nice to see such a heartwarming story, especially coming from the mind of one person. This really sits well with Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. It just goes to show that one person really can make a difference.

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