Ara Chackerian; A Philanthropic & Forward Thinking Leader

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and business angel funder who is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. He specializes in early-stage health management teams. When he isn’t helping brand new healthcare companies, he is working hard as the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions; a medical provider for those suffering from treatment resistant depression through transcranial magnetic stimulation.


While Ara Chackerian was in northern California building out-patient radiology centers he was presented some information regarding transcranial magnetic stimulation and its positive effect on depression. Due to its potential to work smoothly with talk therapy and psychiatric medications he felt the treatment should be easier to access. Check out



During a successful meeting with Dr. Richard Bermuda’s, a preeminent TMS thought leader, Ara Chackerian was able to understand why access was so restricted. Being a doctor in our modern healthcare system is much harder than we often give credit for. These physicians must be available to their staff and patients through the entirety of the daily shift. If there was an outpatient opportunity to provide this amazing technology it’d be easier to help more people suffering from therapy-resistant depression. Not much longer after that they were able to begin making the treatment a reality for depression patients. One thing they did different with TMS and producing out patient therapy locations; they worked hard to AVOID making it feel like a doctors office. When you enter their facilities it feels like a spa day; soothing and relaxing. All details have been enacted and placed with their patients psychiatric disorders in mind. For more details visit Crunchbase.


As Ara Chackerian continues to provide amazing treatments and care to patients with psychiatric disorders, he does so with keeping his philanthropic mind in the forefront to ensure peoples well-being is always number one.


A very brilliant piece of information provided by Ara Chackerian is “If you make a conscious effort to engage life, then ideas will come. It’s a pretty simple formula.” This thought and idea has assisted him in producing solutions to life’s problems and coming up with true resolutions for life’s hardest obstacles. With all good things in order, he has proved through his philanthropic lifestyle and positive mindset that anything can be made possible through diligence and mindfulness.


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