An Inside Look At Jose Borghi’s Career

A Look At The Career Of Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi decided to pursue a career in advertising after his sister took him to a screening of award winning advertisements that were featured at the Cannes Lions awards. He was in middle school at the time. The alma mater of Jose Borghi is the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. His program of study there was advertising and propaganda. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in this program.

Soon after graduating Jose Borgi found work at some of Brazil’s most famous and largest advertising agencies. The first job Jose Borghi held was as a copy writer for Brazilian ad agency Standart Ogilvy in the year 1989. Jose Borghi would eventually work for many other companies as a copy writer such as FCB, Talent and DM9 / DDB.

Jose Borghi always had an entrepreneurial drive and teamed up with fellow marketing expert Erh Ray to start out their own firm. They named it BorgiErh and split ownership among themselves. His partner Erh Ray described the early years of running their own ad agency to be very difficult. They lacked financial support and backing from banks and investors so they had to come up with everything needed to run the agency themselves.

Both Jose Borghi and Erh Ray worked incredibly hard and the results payed off. The agency began making more and more inroads into the domestic advertising market and soon gained national acclaim. Erh Ray would eventually sell half of stake in the company to the Lowe Group and BorgiErh became known as Borghi Lowe. This buyout of co-founder Erh Ray took place in 2006.

Jose Borghi continued to lead now Borghi Lowe to bigger heights with clients flocking to him from oversees and new ones looking for his business from Brazil. The continued success and growth of Borghi Lowe caught the attention of another company who merged together with Lowe & Partners. The merge resulted in Jose Borghi appointed as co-CEO. He now shared that title with Andre Gomes, another Brazilian advertising executive.

During his career so far, Jose Borghi has created campaigns on for many domestic and international companies. Some of his clients include Alpargatas, Procter & Gamble, American Express, Delta Airlines, Unilever, Electrolux, FIAT, Bank Boston, America Online, Bank Itau, Coral Paints and Globo. Of his most successful campaigns, they include creating ads for Parmalat Stuffed Animals and the Sazon food company.

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