American Ranch Larger than City of London on Sale

A ranch that stretches over 510,000 acres making it the biggest ranch in America has recently gone up for sale. The ranch has been in the family of a Texas family since 1849 and spans a total of 6 counties. Here is some more details about the ranch. The minimum worth of the ranch is 275 million dollars although the ranch itself is going up for about 725 million dollars from the family-owners.

The ranch is being put up for sale because there is always a confusion and debate about the family heirs to the ranch. With a ranch being in the family so long, it gets confusing and unfair as to who actually “owns it” and has the rights to it. This makes a lot of sense to Ricardo Tosto. It seems that it is fair to just sell it and split the cost. The family then eventually agreed to put up the whole estate, which is probably the most expensive and largest, for sale. The ranch has a lot of homes and quarters in the property that someone can utilize. Despite the size of the ranch, the ranch definitely represents a since of heritage and history. It will be interesting to see who buys the ranch and what they do with it (although with such a large ranch there is a lot that can be done apart from farming as one would think).

I guess the real question here is, does it have a pool?

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