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Earlier in the month, the company that was also known as Homejoy to many people all over, actually had the bad luck of having to file for bankruptcy. Although, they filed claim only 5 months after having spoken with the clients that they had. David Hasselhoff, the guy who was very famous for his acting career, had made the decision to act in the Homejoy company’s commercials.

HandyAs one of the top companies in the industry for services to do with residential cleanings and services for the home, the Handy company had a lot to offer to their clients. Having been founded 2012, this famous company had many different places in which they held operations at, such as in Canada, the U.S. and also they held some their operations with in the United Kingdom.


The history behind the Handy company actually starts with the date the company was founded, which was in 2012. Umang Dua, Weina Scott, Ignacio Leaonhardt and Oisin Hanrahan were the names of the inventors of the Handybook company (Also known as the Handy company). The name Handybook was the first name that the Handy company was actually given, when it first went into business. The story behind how the name was invented says that the group had wanted to make a business in which their clients would all schedule or book the different services that they wanted, in the categories of handyman and cleaning services.

After a while of being in business, for around 2 years, the people who ran the Handybook company had chosen to get make some changes, and ended up changing the name to Handy. Now, the company had actually had the opportunity to make enough room for around 10,000 cleaners, who are currently working with their platform. Bookings that have been placed with the Handy company have actually shown the around 80% of the business that they are seeing is coming from people who are repeat customers. What does all of this mean? This means that the Handy company is one of the most trusted companies in the industry, and that everyone who goes there loves their service enough to want to come back again.

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