Alex Hern And The Silicon Surf Company


The Silicon Valley technology world is directly responsible for changing the face of the world, by creating innovative products such as the personal computer and the world wide web that have forever changed the way that we connect with each other. The technology boom has been rejuvenated recently with a focus on mobile technology and less on the actual internet, and this has created some stellar products in its wake. For one such excellent start-up known as Silicon Surf founded in 2015, there is nothing better then pioneering in new and amazing products and being at the forefront. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

Silicon Surf is founded by Alex Hern who is a notable tech entrepreneur and angel investor who has pioneered some of the most famous technology to hit the Silicon Valley. His first masterful tech startup was known as Yesmail, which he started from scratch and then some ten months later sold the company to CMGI for 450 million. This was just one of his many accomplishments in the technology world that have made mister Hern one of the most respected and looked up to start up incubators. The technology world is ever changing, and Alex Hern has adapted to these changes and has recently shifted his focus on VR technology and mobile technology which is changing daily.


With a strong focus on mobile technology Silicon Surf looks to make brand new technology a reality for investors and consumers alike. And with a strong showing like Tsunami VR the future looks bright for all kinds of different mobile technology that will be sweeping the market and connecting us closer then ever before. Alex Hern is one of the innovators and he looks to be taking full charge of the technology sweep with innovative products that are going to change the mobile landscape for the better. Visit to know more.

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