After All These Years, Spider-Man Is Still A Teenager

Spider-Man is going to remain a teenager. This was not the case in the comic books. Spider-Man and Peter Parker both grew up. Such is not going to be the case in the movies, yet. The reboot of the Spider-Man series will return the web-slinger to his high school years. Interestingly, Marvel Studios is interested in casting a 15 year old – not a 25 year old playing a teenager – in the role of Peter Parker.

The grand irony here is, in the comic books, Peter Parker only spent one publishing year in high school. The Amazing Spider-Man comic book quickly moved out of high school and into Peter’s college years. By the late 1970’s, the process of moving Peter into his early 30’s began.

Spider-Man hasn’t been a teenager since the middle-1960’s. He’s going to be a teenager in the movies for quite some time. The rationale makes sense. High school age persons are a large part of the character’s audience. Making sure Spider-Man continues to be a hero they can identify with is just good marketing.

The one seemingly unfortunate drawback here is we are not going to see an older, wiser Spider-Man whose adventures are a bit more complex. Then again, we just might have to wait a bit before movies of this nature are produced here. That’s what Ray Lane is planning to do.

The possibility that we can watch Peter Parker and Spider-Man grow up on screen exists. That could be really interesting to see play out.

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