Adam Sender, an Extraordinary Collector

Adam Sender is a hedge fund financier and CEO of Exis Capital Management Inc. His success in the financial world is what led him to start his art collection about thirty years ago. However, it is his art collection success that is all the buzz in the news today. His art collection just keeps appreciating in value to the jealousy of many. His art collection has quadrupled itself in the last ten years. An almost unheard of and astonishing feat. He must apply some of his criteria for buying stock to his artistic buys, as he has been most fortunate.

Adam Sender, written about by,  has put his heart and his soul into his collection of modern and contemporary art. His diligence has amassed an enormous accumulation of only the very best and most choice artistic endeavors by some of the finest and most prolific artists of today. His great success can be seen partially because of his innate ability to see what will be trending in the world of art. Through his eyes he has a time machine that can see into the future of art. His discerning eye is what can be attributed to his fine work as a collector extraordinaire. He has a great ability to gravitate to what is the finest and most show-worthy that will later have the most exceptional resale value. But he also has a great knack for hone in on a piece that may otherwise be overlooked. Being capable of visually seeing the greatness of a new artist on his way to the top before anyone else. He can define between the mediocre and the truly brilliant. That is an innate ability that cannot be taught. An extraordinary ability indeed. And an extraordinary collection.

This collection is being viewed in his opulent Miami home right now, by invitation only. But you will be interested to know that he is also planning on donating major works to institutions as he moves forward. There has even been some talk of Adam Sender, written about by, joining a few museum boards as he moves forward in the world of art. We should be able to see his collection soon in galleries and museums in both New York and London. Among the great works to be seen are, Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger and Dan Flavin. And this collector does not have any intention of slowing his roll. He will be continuing to purchase great works that he feels passionate about. I cannot wait to see what he accomplishes next.

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