Active Management Of Your Cyber-Identity

In this frenetic world of everything happens instantaneously, so goes everyone looking you up on the internet to gather information. Before you even meet someone, they have likely “googled” you. Most of what they need to know can be found out in a few minutes, if not seconds, so it is of particular importance to be keenly aware of what is on the internet about you, or your business.

The question looms large as to how you can effectively stay on top of, and monitor, this situation, just about on a daily basis? There is help for you! As this entire reputation management space is growing, near exponentially, so are the firms that help businesses and individuals manage their cyber-presence.

One company in particular,, is pretty well-known for the work they are doing to help people manage their online lives. This company will help you clean-up, and ultimately gain control, of your online presence. The first step in the process is to fill out a free questionnaire where they will respond by providing you with a reputation assessment. Essentially what they do is run your name, or business name, through some of the main search engines, and uncover what, if anything, is out there on the web about you.

Protecting the reputation you have built is very important, and in the case of your business, your online reputation is about all you have anymore, and if someone has marred you in some way, be it a disgruntled customer or competitor, that has to be dealt with in short-order. Now this does not mean approaching them, or addressing the matter directly, but rather commissioning the services of a reputation management company to ameliorate the damage. also employs 100% of their people in the United States. This matters because not only are they supporting the country with job growth, you will also not ever be mired in having to call-letter every letter of every word as you will never reach an off-shore call center. It also shows commitment on their part to the process, because it is frustrating to try to explain a reputation issue to someone in a foreign land, so it ultimately shows true dedication to helping people manager their reputations online, rather than them being overly concerned with cost-cutting, outsourcing measures.

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