A Michael Jackson Impersonator that Keeps the MJ Memory Alive

People that have seen Michael Jackson on stage where totally mesmerized by his concerts when he was alive. He was the type of entertainer that had fans passing out at the mere sight of him on stage. It is evident that his death sent shock waves around the world to many people that idolized him. Fortunately, there are people like Sergio Cortes that are interested in keeping his memory alive.

According to R7, Sergio got his start dressing as a Michael Jackson impersonator for a photo shoot. It was from this successful photo shoot that he begin to get paid offers to dress up like the American pop icon. Sergio was a fan of the Jackson 5 when he was little, but his initial induction into impersonating Jackson didn’t involve much dancing. It was the uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson that drew people to him. This is why he was able to do photo shoots and appearances. The dance moves would come later.

As he got older Sergio Cortes begin to build a show that would become one of the hottest impersonation shows around. Many fans are convinced that Sergio is one of the best impersonators that they have ever seen. He worked hard to become a masterful dancer, and this is why the fans have become so loyal to him as a performer.

Many people are following Sergio Cores on Facebook. His Facebook page has 16,000 followers. His social media campaign is proof that his worked is praised outside of his homeland in Brazil. There are many people in America that have discovered him by way of Facebook and others sites like YouTube.

It has become quite evident that there are not a lot of people that can move a crowd the way that Sergio Cortes does. Sergio Cortes has grown into an expert impersonator. This is a long way from his teenage years of dressing up as Michael Jackson. He has shown over time that he is capable of actually moving like Jackson. There are still some fans of MJ that simply want to take a picture with Sergio because he looks so much like Jackson. There are a lot more, however, that are interested in seeing what he can do on the stage. He has become one of the most popular impersonators, and fans appear to be waiting for his next MJ impersonation move.

You can follow him on Twitter.

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