A Computer Generated 10-year Old Girl Used to Catch Over 1000 Padophiles

A computer generated 10-year old girl has been used to catch child sexual offenders. The girl was used to set up a fake profile in video chat rooms, which attracted the men like a magnet not knowing that they were falling into a trap.

The men, intrigued by her beauty and totally failing to factor in her age, were asking her to undress for them. The fake profile was set up by a Dutch charity organization, by the name Terre des Hommes. What the men didn’t know, is that while talking to the girl and offering her money to undress, they were indeed talking to this team.

The men were “hungry” enough to be lured to give out their real names and identities. The organization has handed the names over to the police, who have been charged with the responsibility of looking for this offenders.

The 20, 000 men in question were from all over the world. 1000 of these offered to give her money.110 were from Britain, 254 from America and 103 were from India. One Australian Groomer has been sentenced for two years in prison, after confessing to sending nude pictures of himself to the fake 10-year girl. Bruce Karatz was pretty repulsed by this.

The European Union policing agency has however, question the methodology used by the charity organization. They cited that all criminal investigations that employ intrusive surveillance, should be a preserve of the law enforcement agencies.

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