A Commercial Agreement Signed Between Athlete Melo and Banco BMG President Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Annes Guimaraes has made contributions to the banking sector since he started his career. He has been a top Executive Officer and the President of Banco BMG bank since the year 2004. In his lifetime, Ricardo has always dreamt of promoting and developing the Brazilian living standards.
Guimaraes heads the bank that has the greatest and trusted distribution channels in Brazil. In his career, he has motivated many people by offering soft loans and professional advice. He receives support from his vice president, Marcio Alaor, who has also displayed a high level of experience and dealing with the capital market.
Guimaraes has been an important figure in supporting the country diverse talents. He has been in partnership with social media platforms such as a television channel to educate people on the importance of supporting local talents.
Recently, Guimaraes featured Marcelo Melo in an agreement. The Banco BMG president signed the top-notch tennis player on November as published in the R7.com news.
Guimaraes stated that he will support athletes who have passion, dedication, commitments and discipline in the sports industry. Ricardo depicted that the conquer of Marcelo Melo, who is currently training and playing under the sponsorship of Banco BMG bank would attract more investors to the bank.
Marcelo Melo has been training hard in the past to achieve a proper position in the tennis playing game. Guimaraes reported that the signing of Marcelo Melo would motivate him to acquire more trophies in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
Guimaraes instilled motivation in the tennis player by featuring Banco BMG trading logo in uniforms, training kits and playing sleeves that Melo will be using. Guimaraes said this would make the player put more efforts in his forthcoming tournament and display a high level of playing.
Melo has managed to win four consecutive trophies. His recent win was in Paris France where he managed to take the double championship trophy with his co-player, Ivan. Marcelo possesses good team work spirit, a value that made him take the trophy home. They managed to win the 1000 Master award in Paris.
He has also won the Association of Tennis Players 500 Acapulco and the Master 1000 which resumed in Shanghai China. Guimaraes laid his hope to the success of this athlete.

In conclusion, Guimaraes focus on sports will create a good venture of investments. Being a qualified investor, Guimaraes oversaw the future of sports industry in Brazil.

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