4 Reasons For Investing In Brazil

1. Strategic Location
Brazil covers a sum area of 8,514,876,599 km2 and has a population of 190 million people. The country’s GDP calculated per PPP represent 35% of the entire Latin America GDP, totaling over US$2 trillion PPP in 2014. The consumer market covers at least 900 million of prospective consumers, bearing in mind Brazil, Latin America as well as North America. Brazil borders about all South America countries, apart from Chile plus Ecuador.

2. Sustainable Growth
Brazil is the 6th largest economy in the world, alongside United Kingdom, France as well Italy, and above Spain, Mexico and South Korea. The economy in Brazil bears sustainable and sturdy development. The country’s GDP growth rate hit 5.3% in 2007, with an increase rate of 3.7%. Over 32% of the employment opportunities formed in Latin American in 2007 were traced in Brazil. Since 2003, exports in Brazil have experienced a bigger growth rate more than world imports, causing higher Brazilian involvement in world trade.

3. Innovation and Technology
Brazil features the largest and greatest differentiated science, technology as well as innovation systems in Latin America. This country has a viable differential inside the divisions of aircraft manufacturing, oil survey in deep waters as well as software making. Brazil has globally amalgamated its competence in making ethanol plus biodiesel energy. It has excelled in apparatus production alongside medical services and supply. In 2013, there were about 9396 students who graduated with doctoral degrees and 29,761 with master’s degree in Brazil. The sum of P.Cs from 2012 to 2015 escalated by over 120% hitting beyond 29 million. This figure represents 40% of entire Latin America P.Cs in those years. The Brazilian number of internet users jumped over 270% in the past 5 years, representing 53 million users.

4. Infrastructure
Brazil has 67 airports that has a yearly flow of 110 million people, 46 ports that can handle more than 600 million tons per year, and 29,596 km of railways- it is ranked 11th top world railway grid. Its road network covers 1.6 km- 3rd in world’s top road grids. There are 100% digital telephone networks in Brazil. This country has among the best communication organizations with 125 million mobile phone lines, approximately 42 million permanent lines as well as over 1 million communal telephones.

Zeca Oliveira
Zeca Oliveira’s full name is José Francisco dos Santos Oliveira and was born on March 10, 1988 in Aracaju, capital of Sergipe state in Brazil. He vied for State representative for the United Socialist Workers’ Party (PTSU).

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