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Alastair Borthwick, Chronicler of Britain’s 20th Century

Alastair Borthwick was a substantial if somewhat underrated literary talent, whose achievements in various media gave human face to the tribulations of mid-20th century Great Britain. Born in Lanarkshire, Borthwick was raised in Troon, Ayrshire. He became a copy taker for the Evening Times at the age of 16 and quickly took over a wide range of editorial responsibilities. 

He first came to public attention in the 1930s for his open-air articles on rock climbing. Borthwick’s vivid account of this bracing sport helped weary urbanites escape the doldrums of daily life. As the author put it, “One cannot sweat and worry simultaneously.” By the mid-1930s, he had successfully transitioned into radio, delighting audiences with crisp, bracing accounts of outdoorsmanship. 

When WWII broke out, Borthwick eagerly enlisted and was enlisted with the 51st Highland Division’s 5th Seaforth Highlanders in Africa and Europe. He rose eventually to the rank of captain and served mainly as battalion intelligence officer. His writing career was not wholly neglected during this time, however. Two of his classics, Always A Little Further and Sans Peur, were written close to the war years. Both were later republished; Sans Peur is considered a classic of military history.

After the war, Borthwick moved into a small cottage in the country with his wife, Anne, and fathered a son, Patrick. The BBC awarded Borthwick a contract for a series on Scotland, Scottish Survey, which ran for three years. Borthwick won an OBE for his presentation on the festival of heavy engineering in Glasgow, which coincided with the 1951 Festival of Britain. 

By the 1960s, Borthwick contributed a weekly column to the News Chronicle, but had largely transitioned into television. His show on Grampian TV featured reports on notables from Bonnie Prince Charlie to Senator Joe McCarthy. Borthwick was especially fond of 13-part series, Scottish Soldier, which narrated the personal experiences of Scottish infantry regiments.

Luke Lazarus, the man helping startups to thrive

Becoming a successful professional is a hard task. People have to get the right academic qualifications and work hard in the corporate section so that the world can recognize them. The business world is competitive, and an individual has to go out of their way to become a star. Some people travel overseas to get an education and start a successful business. For Luke Lazarus, the story of success was a different one.

The Melbourne born investor has emerged a winner in the market, yet he studied and started his first businesses at home. The story of the startup consultant is an exciting one. By the time he was eight, the executive was running a small business venture. The spirit of entrepreneurship was in him even before he could join high school.

Luke Lazarus did not see the need for going overseas to increase his skills in business. Despite the many scholarships received from universities abroad, the talented young executive studied and completed most of his education in his home country.

In Australia, Luke remains a top consultant who is wealthy and respected by everyone. His career in the past twenty years is the envy of many. Chief executive officers, managing directors, and business partners get their advice from the consultant.

Luke Lazarus got his MBA from Australia’s top business school when he was only twenty-four years old. The executive did not wait to get formal employment in the Australian companies. His greatest passion was to create job opportunities for his fellow graduates by starting different companies. This dream came true when his four businesses did well in the Australian market.

The legendary executive started to realize that he was very talented in making business plans and executing them. With four businesses doing so well and giving him so much money, Luke Lazarus discovered that he did not need more money. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Business

The desire to help others become successful in business forced him to become a startup consultant. Many businesses have a great story because of the help they got from the globally respected consultant.

A career in business does not suit everyone. As a professional business consultant, the career of Luke Lazarus is complicated. His clients have different needs because they have unique ideas. Luke ensures that customers get solutions to the problems they present to him.

The first and most important step, according to Luke Lazarus, is getting a business plan. Getting a business plan does not have to give an entrepreneur a hard time.

With the help of an expert who understands the complicated, market well, the business plan structure should help your business to grow. A business consultant is important for most of the steps investors make in the market. Choose one who will make your business successful.

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