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Betsy DeVos and Educational Strategies

There’s no such thing as a project that’s too demanding for Mrs. Betsy DeVos. She’s never been the type of person to say no to things that are tough in this life. She’s actually always been the type to embrace challenges that come her way. She doesn’t think that the easy way out is ever the best solution. Being married to Dick DeVos has been a wondrous thing for Betsy. Although she previously was Elisabeth Prince, nothing much has changed in the temperament department for her. She’s still as tenacious as she always was. Studying at Calvin College was a great time for the young lady. She adored being on the campus of the Holland, Michigan school. She adored participating in all kinds of political campaigns as well.


President Donald J. Trump realizes just how fortunate he is to have Betsy DeVos on his side. He handpicked her with all of the care in the world. He knew instantly that she’d make a fantastic United States Secretary of Education. She has proven that over the past couple of years or so as well. Dick DeVos is immensely proud of his beloved wife and all of her achievements. He’s had so many lengthy conversations with her over the years. They’ve talked about their goals with regard to charity. They’ve spoken about their thoughts with regard to philanthropy as well. Their discussions often come to fruition in fascinating ways. They have The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to confirm their devotion to all sorts of pertinent American topics. It’s a not-for-profit that has been accommodating all kinds of concepts since its 1989 inception.


Dick DeVos doesn’t ever dismiss the thoughts that come out of his wife’s mouth. He comprehends that all of the things she says have extraordinary value. She doesn’t like to mince words. She doesn’t like to waste them at all, either. She regularly talks about the path that’s associated with educational choice in the United States. She just as frequently talks about the track to charter school success in the North American nation as well. There are never awkward silences when DeVos is around. People admire just how talented she is. They admire how talented she is at keeping conversations moving in the right direction, too.


People may not link DeVos to music. She has a connection to the entertainment sector, though. She attended a Miami charter school extravaganza in 2018. Pitbull was there right alongside her. He’s among the planet’s most unstoppable rap powerhouses. People have been going crazy for his tunes for years and years now. He has a huge fanbase all around the planet in general. Although DeVos is in no way a musician herself, she holds entertainers in high esteem. She wants all young people in the United States to be able to go after all of their ambitions. She doesn’t like the thought of people feeling limited or stifled at all. That’s why she strives to push the educational movement forward each day of the week.


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