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Jeremy Goldstein and Corporate Governance Topics

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who resides and works in New York, New York in the United States at the moment. His vocation revolves around all things that pertain to the vast universe of employment law. He scored a law degree after diligently going to the School of Law that’s part of prestigious New York University. He before that time was a student at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. He even went to Cornell University, an Ivy League institution that’s on the East Coast.


Goldstein had employment with a sizable legal practice that was situated in the Big Apple. That was prior to setting up a practice by himself. He was associated with all sorts of legal deals. These were associated with an abundance of sizable businesses. He even handled deals that pertained to M&As or mergers and acquisitions. He worked in conjunction with big players like Verizon Wireless, Duke Energy, the Miller Brewing Company, the Phillips Petroleum Company, Merck and even the Dow Chemical County. There were an abundance of others beyond just those.


This man has a zeal for safeguarding all of the individuals who choose to team up with him. He’s a professional who has a lot of proficiency that pertains to topics like executive compensation. He even knows a lot about corporate governance concepts of all kinds. He accommodates individuals who want to attain guidance with the assessments of non-compete agreements. He accommodates those who are trying to find guidance that pertains to coming up with fresh agreements as well.


Goldstein comprehends employment law like a champion. This law has both federal and state elements. It’s crucial for people to grasp, however, that federal laws often do not go hand in hand with non-compete agreements that are out there.


Goldstein is the consummate professional who is at the helm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. He naturally is the practice’s namesake. The objective behind this legal practice is to give guidance to entities like compensation committees, corporations, management crews and even Chief Executive Officers. Goldstein is a lawyer who has a lot of proficiency with the guidance of CEOs and similar kinds of capable company leaders.


This painstaking individual comprehends social media platforms these days. That’s the reason that he takes the time to put a lot of energy into them week in and week out. He has a profile with a well-known social networking platform that’s called LinkedIn. He makes a point to update this profile any time he gets the rare opportunity. His aim in being on LinkedIn is to be able to network with other individuals who are part of the substantial legal realm. Goldstein is constantly hard at work.


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Getting to Know Agera Energy

For homeowners as well as those owning businesses, you know that you need a company you can trust. The best way to go about getting with a good company is choosing Agera Energy. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Agera Energy has been around for years and continually works on the myriad of different options and services they have made available to you. You can get a feel for what Agera Energy is doing for their customers by going to their Wiki and Facebook page.


Their Facebook page, in particular is highly regarded because they give tips and advice for those wanting and needing to save money on the different services that they have available right now. Agera Energy is there to help in providing a great service you can feel confident in for your property. To make an account with Agera Energy, just visit their site and sign up for an account for your own property. Follow Agera Energy on


Serge Belamant’s Patents Has Paved a Path in the Blockchain World

In any field of expertise, there is always an iconic name attached to it. The names Vitalik Buterin and Satoshi Nakamoto are at the top of the list when talking about cryptocurrency. Investors flocked to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Etherieum because they believed that is believed to disrupt the financial sector. The fundamental element of cryptocurrency is the blockchain. Speculators in blockchain think that this underlying element will outlast cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant’s knowledge and expertise in the blockchain comes into play. Mr. Melamant is not a common name yet, but his contributions in this field will soon emerge. One could describe blockchain as an expanding record of data that is encrypted and linked together in sequential order. The data contains important information such as time of transaction and the amount. Many systems in action today are archaic and slow.

This ledger system increases the security and transparency of transactions from user to user. Serge Belamant holds a special place in the blockchain world. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted him the patent for various implementations in the blockchain technology. For the past 20 years, many functionalities have been registered and implemented into the blockchain system. For example, Serge Belamant filed a patent that allows the system to assign an identity to the sender or the receiver to verify the existence of an account. The patents that filed over the years paved the way for what cryptocurrency is today. Technology has always been in Serge’s life.

Like many technology icons, Serge Belamant left school early to pursue his passion for software development. His most relevant start was during his time at SASWITCH Limited. During this time he worked on a system where he implemented a real-time switching system and transaction processing within an RSA financial system. Recently Serge Belamant has moved on to greater things by starting a new firm called Zilch Technology Limited with his son. The company has its aims on furthering the blockchain technology and the blockchain market. By building upon his earlier works in financial technology, the world has evolved into a more secure and transparent place.

Marine Pendant Lights

Sea style stylistic layout is a type of well known pattern. From expert properties to neighborhoods, a few nautical things have discovered new homes inside various conditions. Among normally the most prevalent oceanic parts is nautical pendant lighting. These lovely collectibles give vital gleam for lighting impacts various spaces. They will be for the most part favored for inside lighting including living zones and kitchens.

Intriguing lights

The appealing nature including nautical pendant lights makes it almost powerful. Marine Repair and Antiques Enterprise fuses a colossal accumulation of pendant lights rescued from consequences of decommissioned delivers far and wide. Since coming into the business in a year ago, we have guaranteed great quality with regards to have the option to providing nautical pendant sign. We sell 100% certifiable sea pendant lights. By the colossal accumulations available, you can pick the specific perfect choices you wish.

Re-purposed for your home

It is typical in regards to ship destroying specialists to have the option to rescue nautical pendant lighting being utilized working effectively. Directly in the wake of reworking and painting work, the various accumulations will wind up prepared for use inside the home. At Sea Marine Enterprise, we have an energetic staff of specialists who certification each bit of maritime rescued is reconfigured to oblige home power frameworks. Masters exploit UL-recorded segments in the specific re-designing procedure. Experts work all-round an opportunity to confirm the capacity of those re-imagined installations together with the ones from contemporary bulbs.

As nautical stores, we comprehend the need to rework different nautical lighting rescued from destroyed pontoons. We put extensive endeavors and ability in ensuring the pendant lights recovered from the boats more often than not are reconfigured to work alongside your home’s capacity technique. The recovered pendant lighting offered to our demographic are certifiable and with respect to high caliber. The presence of pleasantly completed nautical pendant lighting in a home can make the space increasingly comfortable and unmistakably brings concerning the ocean request an individual have constantly respected.

Sea pendant lights for eatery

At the point when re-designed, cleaned notwithstanding completely dealt with, maritime pendants lights can end up being ideal for beach front style eateries. In the prior, we have provided vintage nautical pendant lights to have the option to a portion of the spreads inns locally and all around. On the off chance that you are in the business searching for sensational light or easygoing feel, oceanic pendant lights give the specific flawless options.

The fantastic news is; at Sea Marine Enterprise, we work with most sorts of spending plans. From extremely basic structures to increasingly complex pendant light assortments, we all different alternatives of pendant lights to pick through.

Request today for quick shipment

We currently have taken care of rescued ship things for considerably over six years. In this specific period, we have realized what must be done to guarantee prevalent degrees of client happiness. Keep in mind, the nautical pendant lights accessible in locales are really reconfigured for unlined home, office and café. Contingent upon exactly what number of collectibles you may require, an individual can generally make an extraordinary request and have that conveyed at the most minor accommodation.

Worldwide leaders in location APIs: LocationSmart

LocationSmart is the leader company in location APIs and is a trusted enterprise platform for verification, compliance, asset tracking, cybersecurity, and operational efficiencies. LocationSmart has been successful in its operations since it was made. One of the very biggest reasons behind its success is its employees.

Their employees are trained professionally to deal with the customers and provide them with the best services to the company can delight their customers. Moreover, the company knows where its employees will be working. So this provides assurance to the company that their employees are designated at the right time on the right place. LocationSmart understands that a happy employee can make happy customers.

So, for this reason, they provide assurance to their employees and they are very well aware of where to employ their employers. They keep special care of their employees so they are motivated to do their job and feel comfortable while doing this job instead of feeling burdened.

Although the internet has a lot of advantages, the disadvantages come with it. With the increase in the use of the internet, there has been an immense increase in frauds which has caused much trouble.

From the perspective of a customer, you will tend to lose the trust you have on the company if you suffer from any frauds or troubles. This will also cause a loss to the company because they will be losing their assets.

LocationSmart understands such a situation because they know that if their customer is not satisfied they will lose a customer as the customer will switch to their competitor. So, they have taken preventive measures by using the IP address system. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

The IP address sees that if the customer who has sent the request is being tracked or not. If any of these situations happen the systems will automatically check if the customer who has sent the request is authentic or not.

They have not only secured the customers but also their internal network. Any issues within the internal network can cause blunders. Some of the times your competitor will try to pull you down by attacking your internal network.

But with the help of IP geolocation, you can make your network security better. You can check which systems are connected to your systems and on what locations are they being used. Moreover, this system will inform you as soon as someone tries to make an attempt to hack your system or make any other malicious move.

LocationSmart has provided excellent customer services and has made their internal networks strong and foolproof. This defines the reason behind their success story and how they have been able to fight through accusations and made their customers happy throughout their journey.

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The American Addiction Centers’ Startling Survey About Blackout Drunk Driving

The American Addiction Centers, or AAC, provide treatment for people addicted to substances such as alcohol and drugs. Their treatment centers have a success rate of more than double the national average.

The AAC recently conducted a survey about blackout driving. Blackouts aren’t when the person is unconscious after drinking. Rather they are when the person has been doing things but doesn’t remember them. These memories never resurface and behaviours during a blackout tend to be dangerous or even deadly. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Rehabs and American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday

Because blackouts are also accompanied by impaired judgement, things done during blackouts are usually unwanted. They often include drunk driving, unprotected sexual intercourse, drugs, law breaking, and violence towards oneself or another person.

Blackouts also come with impaired vision and difficulty walking, talking and in severe cases even standing. Due to these it may be surprising what all happens during blackouts, the statistics, specifically about those who are driving are startling.

In a survey of 600 men and women 57% revealed that they binge drank on the 4th of July. But the scary fact is that 36% reported that they had driven in a drunken blackout at least once. 14% believe they are fine to drive after 5-6 beers and 10% said the same of 5-6 glasses of wine.

Not only that but 50% have risked their lives getting in a car with a drunk driver. 6 12 oz beers put a 200 lb man over the legal limit for driving and it would take 6 hours for his blood alcohol level to return to zero.

The sad fact is that even though 29 people die every single day from alcohol related accidents, people are clearly still driving drunk.

A blackout doesn’t necessarily mean a drinking disorder. However, if someone is experiencing them frequently, the chances are they have a problem. And it may be time to talk to a professional. Drinking is more likely to result in a blackout if it’s on an empty stomach or if drinking alcohol isn’t accompanied by drinking water.

Drinking quickly or mixing drinks with drugs or prescription medication also create blackouts. Be safe out there, talk to professionals if you have a problem, and don’t drink and drive.

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The Mega Success of OSI Group

Success can come in a range of forms and fashions. When it comes to the food industry, OSI Group has personified this notion to the fullest. This particular top food giant has seemed to have made all of the correct business moves throughout the years. Of course, there were some setbacks here and there, but OSI remained confident in what it was trying to achieve. OSI Group is now a mega success thanks to being consistent in its actions as well as adopting new technologies. Since the demand of food has skyrocketed over time, the company has been forced to evolve to meet the public’s demand in high quality foods.

This particular food processor produces a huge list of foods, including Tofu, flavored sausage, cooked sausage links, chicken nuggets, steak, beef patties, meatloaf, turkey products, fruits, lettuce, chili, pasta, chicken wings, pot roast, pulled pork and many other items. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI as the 58th largest private company in the US. The reported revenue came in at over $6.1 billion for the year. This was a huge up-swing in revenue sales since 2011 in which the company generated just over $3 billion in revenue. David McDonald, OSI’s president, is also a leader in the company as he has an expertise in food production logistics.

McDonald has been heavily involved in the company’s expansion overseas. McDonald also played a key role in the acquisition of BAHO Food. This particular food processor specializes in deli meats, snacks and convenience foods. OSI Group is basically a conglomerate of businesses that specializes in various sectors of the food industry. Processing, management and custom food production are just some of the company’s fortes. All in all, OSI Group has been on the fast track to mega success since it went into food wholesale, and the company is looking to blaze a new path in professional food services.



Kevin Plank’s Storied Career Like a Script for a Hollywood Movie

One could easily make the case that Kevin Plank is a classic American success story. He invented a new product, set up an operation in his grandmother’s basement, made his first sale from the trunk of his car – and now he is a billionaire.

Plank’s story is one of defying the odds and a willingness to take enormous risks. It’s also the tale of a man who refused to fail and found ways to innovate his way out of vexing problems.

Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in 1996 with a single product that solved a common problem – clothing that got too sweaty during strenuous athletic activity. At the time, Plank was playing football for his college team, the University of Maryland Terrapins. He called himself the “sweatiest guy on the team.” The feeling of a soaked t-shirt beneath his football gear was unbearable.

He set out to discover or invent a fabric that would leech sweat away from the skin and keep an athlete cool. He finally found the material he was looking for – it was a fabric used in women’s undergarments. The bottom line was that it worked. Plank scraped together cash from wherever he could to manufacture his first batch of shirts.

At the time he was working out of his grandmother’s Georgetown home. He enlisted the support of his former college football teammates to wear the shirts and recommend them to other players at the NCAA Division I level. This led to his first big sale to Georgia Tech. Kevin Plank’s company Under Armour was off and running.

There would still be many hurdles to clear, but incredible persistence and struggling through periods of scarce capital enabled Under Armour to launch itself into a higher sphere. A key was a $25,000 ad in ESPN magazine which blew the lid off Plank’s efforts. The ad generated $1 million in sales. Kevin Plank and Under Armour never looked back.

Today Kevin Plank is renowned for his philanthropy. Has donated millions of dollars to the Cupid Foundation. He has also funded school programs and countless other charitable and nonprofit organizations that do good work for disadvantaged families and children. Find out more about Kevin Plank: Consumers “trading up”

In this blog, the success of is discussed. The major reason behind the success of the company was the changes they made as a part of the campaign 6.18. The transaction sales hit up a new milestone of $29.2 billion. The biggest reason behind such an immense change in the market is that the company released new products in the market. This helped them to engage the customers on the website and also provide them with a better set of products. also made strategical changes in the website which made it easier for the customers to find out their desired products. The transaction sales volume in the lower tier cities was twice more than in the upper tier cities. This was also an improvement because this has never happened before.

The growth of the company in the lower tier cities was also increasing which was very beneficial for the growth of the company. They also initiated two campaigns which engaged more than 100 million customers. introduced a new way to market their products. Customer-to-manufacturer (C2M) was a way in which the products made were of the customer choice. In this method, the customer preference was sent to the company who then made the product according to customer needs. The sales of HP’s Zhan 66 laptops increased 289% in this year. This model was made according to the customer’s requirement and has proved to be a huge success with the help of

Several new brands also launched their outlets on This was because is one of the biggest websites that is catering to the needs of Chinese customers. Moreover, they also were catering to sophisticated or upper-class customers. One of the most famous Italian brands, Prada, launched their outlet on Miu Miu and Car Shoe, two sister companies under the brand name of Prada were also launched on the website. JD has also worked in different departments, for instance, they worked with different hotels all across the world. So, with the help of technology is improving their standards and are continuing to satisfy their customer.

Wrinkles and Fine Line Are Two Different Things

A recent Medium article by Genucel explained to readers why the terms “fine lines” and “wrinkles” are two different things, yet most consumers don’t differentiate the two terms and in fact interchange the terms frequently. Chamonix’s Genucel Line can help to treat both fine lines and wrinkles, which are two different types of skin folds, but proper treatment requires proper identification of the type of lines in the face. The Chamonix’s Anti-aging skincare products are developed with antioxidants to prevent damage to the skin caused by stress, sun exposure,and other factors.

According to, one of Chamonix’s most effective skin care treatment lines is the Genucel skincare line, which is based on plant stem cell therapy. Both fine lines and wrinkles are a result of skin folding due to movement. When people are young, the skin bounces back into shape as it is very elastic due to good production of elastin and collagen but when people age they can’t make as much collagen and elastin and as a result lose elasticity in the skin.

Most fine lines and wrinkles are caused by smiling, frowning, and other facial expressions. There is a simple way to tell the difference between a fine line and wrinkle. Fine lines are not that deep in the skin. They show up when you laugh, smile, frown, or use different expressions but disappear when your face is still. If a line doesn’t disappear when you face is still, then it is deeper in the skin and qualifies as a wrinkle. Proper treatment of fine lines and wrinkles with anti-ageing skin care products can minimize wrinkles and fine lines while smoothing out the face.

Skincare experts agree that the best way to stop fine lines and wrinkles is by preventing them before they appear. Keep hydrated, limit sun exposure, wash the face with moisturizing face wash, and apply sunscreen every day. If wrinkles and fine lines appear treat them with the proper skin care product to minimize their appearance. Treat skin elasticity with a skin regeneration and firming product. Certain areas of the face require specific creams or serums. These areas are around the eyes, eyelids, and jawline. Genucel has different products to treat these areas that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles. To know more about Genucel you can visit