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Allied Wallet Is on the Rise

Allied Wallet is a tech company from Finland that helps companies and people receive payments online. They offer almost 200 different ways to pay, and they allow you to use an app on your phone. Here’s some information about why this service is becoming so popular.

App Features

Today we can talk about a well grounded and trusted company all over the world. Its services are used worldwide in both small and big size enterprises. One of the reasons for the popularity of Allied Wallet is that it has strong features including the SHA-256 level encryption. There’s also their 24 hour fraud and chargeback service, plus their round the clock support options.


Over the course of the most recent year, Allied Wallet use its service, called NextGen Payment Gateway, to allow for compatibility across much of the world. The payment service can be used with the most popular services in places like Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, the U.K., Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil and many others besides. By connecting all these payment options together, the company has made it easier for any business to get more customers and to do more business in general in all of those countries throughout the planet (Twitter).

The founder of the company emphasizes the importance of connectivity, in addition to the opportunities that are out there since only a tiny percentage of the people of the world even have credit cards. Due to this focus and drive, the company has helped facilitate the growth of the merchants that work with them by as high as 60%. It’s just a fact that the more payment options a company has for its customers, the more likely a sale is going to happen and that’s how Allied Wallet becomes the favourite option.

People like to have options, and some people may only have very limited options when it comes to payment possibilities. That’s why this company is definitely one that’s going to be worth watching into the future as they continue to grow and help others to grow.

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Tech Founder Specializes in Dating Apps

Andrey Andreev is a very successful Russian entrepreneur that designed several successful dating apps for all type of consumers. He designed Badoo, which is one of the world’s largest dating networks, with over 380 million users around the world. His developers have built Chappy a dating app for gay men, Huggle another application that matches people based on their geographic location. He revolutionized the online dating company industry. (Dld-conference).

He has a wonderful story and career creating apps and websites for people to find each other. His company Badoo has an big investment in Bumble a dating app that lets women make the first move instead of the man. Andrey is worth about $1.5 billion.  Both his parents were scientists and He has always had a passion for technology since he was a child. After high school he took out a loan from his parents so he could travel at 18. He dropped out of college to do this.  Later he started an online computer store called Virus, that sold computers and computer accessories in Russia. He eventually sold the store, and he paid his parents back for the loan. In 1999, he founded SpyLog a company that made a tool that tracked visitors to websites. He says it was the grandfather of Google Analytics and similar products.

Andrey Andreev became a British citizen around 2008 and 2009. Badoo launched in 2009 in Spain an has 300 developers. Over 80 of the developers are women, and they provide support to the other companies. He says his team builds their apps together because they have the money and staff to make things happen.

Food is a passion with Andrey. He eats lunch daily at some of the most expensive restaurants in London. Often he adds some of his own recipes to their menu. He likes to spend only 30 minutes on lunch and often calls ahead to save time. He is a food lover and an artist on this field aso.

Even when he eats with friends, he doesn’t like to spend more than 1 hour eating dinner. The restaurants that he eats at often serve five course meals. He has designed an onion soup recipe, seafood dishes; sushi with less rice, and Bloody Mary cocktail for the Novikov Restaurant, where he frequently dines. His experience cooking began at an early age.

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Ryan Seacrest: The American Machine

Ryan Seacrest is known by the general population as the host of American Idol. He is also well known as the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan and his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Though he is best known by the world today as an onscreen staple, he got his start at a young age as a professional radio broadcaster.

Early Life

Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia. By the age of sixteen the ambitious young Seacrest was already working professionally in radio broadcasting, out of an Atlanta radio station. He shortly attended the University of Georgia before dropping out at the age of nineteen to move to Hollywood.

To The Stars

Ryan moved to Los Angeles in the mid nineties and began the afternoon talk show titled The Ride Home with Ryan Seacrest. This was targeted at listeners who were driving home from work and proved to be very successful. The show ended in 2004.

An Idol is Born

Though it wasn’t his first television project, American Idol launched in 2002 and made Seacrest a household name. Ryan has hosted every season of American Idol since 2002, including ABC’s two revival seasons. He is slated to continue this gig into the foreseeable future (Thebrotalk).

The Big Producer

Aside from American Idol, Seacrest works tirelessly behind the scenes with his company Ryan Seacrest Media. He is an active producer on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and a partner for AXS TV with Mark Cuban and the Creative Artist Agency.

Forever On Air

When he is not on screen, Seacrest still proudly works in radio broadcasting. His current show through titled On Air with Ryan Seacrest has been a number one radio show in America multiple times. Through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation he has spread this love for broadcasting to multiple pediatric hospitals throughout America. He teaches young patients skills for television broadcasting in these studios as well.

Never Enough

Always the ambitious one, Seacrest maintains a leading menswear clothing line. The clothing brand is titled Distinction and focuses on custom tailored clothing that is believed to be timeless and fashionable. The company offers fashion advice to men who shop with them.

The American Machine

Ryan Seacrest has worked tirelessly throughout his life and continues to do so now. He is great example of what simple hard work and ambition can achieve. He has done it all while becoming and remaining a beloved American icon.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s R.A.W.: A New Take on Being Naturally Healthy

Ever since the late ’80s and early ’90s, consumers have gradually tilted towards a healthier lifestyle. Being healthy is not just for your body, but also your hair and skin. L’Oreal is now introducing their R.A.W product, which is under the leadership of Mr. Dan Bethelmy-Rada. He is the Global Brand President for L’Oreal’s Professional Products Division, and he has initiated and created the Matrix/Biolage move here in the United States. Matrix/Biolage is the division that is behind Mr. Bethelmy-Rada’s R.A.W. product line.

What to Expect from R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has full confidence that R.A.W. will be a product that is not the only natural with its ingredients, but also with the packaging and manufacturing. R.A.W. will represent all aspects of a natural product from formulation, to packaging, and finally on the shelves and online for the consumers. You can expect that the product will be up to the standards of L’Oreal’s original line of products. Some of the major challenges for Dan Bethelmy-Rada was cost efficiency for finding and utilizing natural ingredients. He didn’t want to compromise cost for L’Oreal or their consumers.

The Next Step and the Future

Dan Bethelmy-Rada was tasked with an additional project; that is to get the word out about R.A.W. In order to tackle this task, Mr. Bethelmy-Rada created programs, where stylists and hairdressers how to utilize R.A.W. to its fullest potential for their clients. The next step was his innovative use of social media. Mr. Bethelmy-Rada initiated videos on Instagram and YouTube showcasing challenges, testimonials, and blogs. Both were astonishing success and the word was out about R.A.W. in the United States.

The final stage of introducing R.A.W. to the world is the European launch. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is hoping to conquer Europe with the #liveraw phenomenon. Mr. Bethelmy-Rada hopes that, with all the positive reviews and blogs received by American consumers, European consumers will gravitate to R.A.W. without any apprehension and enjoy the naturally infused product that is better and healthier for you overall.

Barbara Stokes Helps To Bring Relief To American Cities Affected By Devestating Hurricanes

Barbara Stokes is a talented entrepreneur and businessperson who has worked with many stakeholders and clients, especially FEMA. As CEO of Green Structure Homes (“GSH”) of Alabama, Barbara Stokes applies her knowledge to housing that is energy efficient, sustainable and fills a need, especially after Hurricane ravaged areas in the American south. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Scott Stokes, Barbara Stoke’s husband is the COO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama. Scott worked with Barbara to create a business that creates modular housing that is both a safe place to live and a permanent domicile for occupants.

GSH has also procured work with other companies who are in need of their knowledge and expertise in the building of mobile and modular housing. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

And in January 2018, GSH announced a partnership with the parent company of Skyline Homes, the Skyline Corporation. This partnership between GSH and Skyline Homes enabled GSH to their business to Arkansas City, Kansas as well as Lancaster, Wisconsin. These two cities are new additions for GSH as it concerns their contract’s with FEMA.

Hurricane Harvey was the impetus for FEMA awarding Barbara Stokes company a 28 million dollar contract in September 2017. Modular buildings were necessary for those who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey. And Barbara Stokes helped to support FEMA’s mission based on many factors. Indeed, Barbra Stokes prior work with Boeing and Pisces corporation was good experience concerning the government contracting milieu.

Barbara Stokes and the staff at GSH also bring many years of experience when it comes to areas like disaster relief.



Eric Lefkofsky, born in 1969, is the chief executive officer of Tempus and a businessman.

Eric Lefkofsky, born in 1969, is the chief executive officer of Tempus and a businessman. On the 29th of May 2019, he was present at the Milken Institute Global Conference. He was among other panellists that contributed to the discussion. The main topic of discussion was about reshaping the existing healthcare model. The big question was, can some of the world’s biggest and greatest technological companies save healthcare? It is evident that the healthcare system in the world has not performed very well as it would have been expected.

Therefore, there is the need to bring in other stakeholders including tech companies in an effort to boost the healthcare level to greater heights. Eric Lefkofsky had been in the technology business for 20 years when he got into the healthcare system. He continues to say that at that time he thought that there was a lot of technology that existed that didn’t need to exist as it was of any help to healthcare. During the talk, he says that large companies have the thought of healthcare at heart and that they try to contribute as much as they can. However, Eric says that one of the challenges facing these large companies is that it is hard for them to break into the system and have an impact due to the regulations that have been set in place.

Eric Lefkofsky says that many lives have been transformed by technology and that tech companies will dominate the healthcare industry in the future. He says that with new technology there will be the presence of data collected from patients that will be mined thus helping people live healthy longer, as well as help doctors, make good decisions when things go bad such as in the case of life and death scenarios. He says that it is expected in the future that there will be new algorithms, data thus leading to new healthcare models and that the only determining factor is Time.