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Maarten De Jeu: Nurture the Youth with the MSI

One of the most strategic, wise, and innovative entrepreneurs in the industry of finance is Maarten De Jeu who was able to launch his own company known as the SVM Business Advisory back in 2012. The man is known for building his successful career in financial services, real estate investment, and global business. He has a solid international experience because of his global business network in three continents, a deep understanding of finance and investment, and has outstanding technical skills. A lot of people trust Maarten De Jeu as their strategic advisor because of his extensive experience and professionalism. He has been the advisor of a number of start-ups, big companies, senior executives, high net worth individuals, and more. People admire him for his capability in executing multiple projects by making wise decisions and creating effective teams. 


As a successful monetary expert based in Chicago and the founder of SVM Business Advisory, Maarten de Jeu was able to manage the Science Spins program that was held at the Museum of Science and Industry. Their primary objective was to educate the visitors and the youth. The MSI is designed to teach and to inform the public. There are a number of educational benefits when it comes to going to a museum and its ability to give students the opportunity to present interactive science activities. They offer opportunities for the youth that will enable their critical thinking skills, communication skills, broader understanding of the world, show the value of teamwork, ability to understand different perspectives, improved self-confidence, and a lot more. The Museum of Science and Industry was able to use their Farrell Fellows internship to interact with Chicago-region young adults in terms of scientific learning. Learn more:


In addition to this, the internship includes coursework in areas consisting of language development, exposure to new ideas and concepts, and interesting challenges that they will perform at the museum and in their respective communities. The purpose of the internship is to enable the students to spark their creativity as well as engaging with the community. Five years ago, the young adults were able to join forces with a show called America’s Got Bubbles where they were able to learn more about the chemistry of bubbles, visited almost 20 public library branches across the city, and teach children to build their own carnival tents made out of newspaper and to design rockets for recreational purposes. Furthermore, the Farrell Fellows internship was a successful way to let the young adults of our generation make the most out of their summer break. It was where the interns were able to maximize their full potential through a wide array of activities and by engaging with their community and its people. 

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