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Barbara Stokes Helps To Bring Relief To American Cities Affected By Devestating Hurricanes

Barbara Stokes is a talented entrepreneur and businessperson who has worked with many stakeholders and clients, especially FEMA. As CEO of Green Structure Homes (“GSH”) of Alabama, Barbara Stokes applies her knowledge to housing that is energy efficient, sustainable and fills a need, especially after Hurricane ravaged areas in the American south. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Scott Stokes, Barbara Stoke’s husband is the COO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama. Scott worked with Barbara to create a business that creates modular housing that is both a safe place to live and a permanent domicile for occupants.

GSH has also procured work with other companies who are in need of their knowledge and expertise in the building of mobile and modular housing. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

And in January 2018, GSH announced a partnership with the parent company of Skyline Homes, the Skyline Corporation. This partnership between GSH and Skyline Homes enabled GSH to their business to Arkansas City, Kansas as well as Lancaster, Wisconsin. These two cities are new additions for GSH as it concerns their contract’s with FEMA.

Hurricane Harvey was the impetus for FEMA awarding Barbara Stokes company a 28 million dollar contract in September 2017. Modular buildings were necessary for those who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey. And Barbara Stokes helped to support FEMA’s mission based on many factors. Indeed, Barbra Stokes prior work with Boeing and Pisces corporation was good experience concerning the government contracting milieu.

Barbara Stokes and the staff at GSH also bring many years of experience when it comes to areas like disaster relief.