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Poppy Angeloff & Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Poppy Angeloff and Lime Crime are basically two concepts that started in the mind of Doe Deere. This particular women represents female empowerment to the highest degree because she has worked her way to the top of the field. Doe Deere is a passionate entrepreneur that possesses a heart of gold. “When we came to America, life was a bit difficult,” said Deere. For about six months, her mother and sister had to share one room with a single bed. There wasn’t even a kitchen in this room as it belonged to a women’s shelter. “I would actually sit and daydream about becoming a fashion designer,” said Deere. This special type of thinking actually got a chance to play itself out in the following years.


Doe Deere has used her sketches and artwork to become a famous professional. She has certainly been able to turn her dreams into a reality. Whenever Deere begins to daydream in the present tense, her ideas actually have a chance of coming into fruition in the future. FIT in New York has provided some valuable knowledge in fashion design, and Deere has used this knowledge to better herself. Shortly after arriving in New York, she would finally get the chance to play in a local band. Deere would eventually fall in love with one of her bandmates, and this bandmate would eventually become her husband of today.


“Myself, my sister and my mother would work hard and save our pennies,” said Deere. As of 2019, all three members of the family have become successful in their own rights. All in all, Doe Deere has laid a blueprint of success for all others to follow. She will continue to lead by example while setting new trends in the process.

Serge Belamant, Instrumental Leader for Block Chain Technology

Who is Serge Belamant?

Serge Belamant, a software developer who initially began his career with Matrix, has become a key player and patent holder in block chain technologies. He was born in Tulle, France in 1953. After graduating from The Highlands North High School for Boys, Belamant continued his studies with a focus in engineering, computer systems and information systems. Throughout his career he has made some very notable accomplishments. Serge Belamant’s inventiveness and creation of many cryptocurrencies has paved the way for many banks and governments to easily manage financial transactions safely and effectively.

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Early Years

His career began with Matrix where he assisted in the creation of applications that measured water levels and predicted droughts. His technology helped to create digital mapping, statistical methods and graphic interfaces. It didn’t take long for Control Data to offer Serge Belamant a position on their Cybernet team. While working with Cybernet, he received additional training and eventually worked his way into Databank where he would help to create the first scientifically driven financial system. From here, Belamant became a special consultant for Banccorp where he created a program that was used to analyze the risk and sustainability of business’. He was then brought onto SASWITCH where he developed the first RSA, POS system for the banking industry. Unfortunately, the banks did not implement his newly created technology, which led Belamant to found his own company Net1 Technologies in 1989.

Success of Net1 Technologies

After founding his own company, Serge Belamant would forever change the financial industry. The development of the offline pre-authorized card ensured fraudulent transactions would be easy to identify. This led to a contract with Visa that would bring Serge Belamant to the USA to complete this endeavor. During this time he was able to grow Net!’s worth to over 2 billion dollars.

Zilch Technology Limited

Currently, Belamant is working to develop more block chain technology in an effort to perfect the cryptocurrency market. His focus is to perfect his technology and provide peace of mind to financial institutions and governments.


Martin de Jeu and Guiding Businesses

Marten de Jeu is an acclaimed individual who has employment in the finance sector now. He resides and works in Chicago, Illinois in the Midwestern United States. He’s SVM Business Advisory’s Managing Partner. He’s the entrepreneur who actually took it upon himself to launch it as well. De Jeu in the past was the Science Spins “Co-Chair.” Science Spins, in a nutshell, is an effort that’s connected to MSI or the Museum of Science and Industry. The objective behind this effort was to teach people about the humble beginnings of the famed bicycle. The Museum of Science of Industry is an enormous museum that delves into all kinds of scientific matters. It has set up an internship by the name of “Farrell Fellows.” This internship avenue strives to encourage teenagers who are in and around Chicago to pay more attention to scientific educations. The internship takes place in the summertime each year. It spans well over a month. It involves classes that go into science, speaking to the general public and so much more. Once pupils reach the closing phase of the effort, they get the thrilling chance to showcase all of their findings at the widely known museum.


A total of 40 youths were part of America’s Got Bubbles back in 2014. America’s Got Bubbles, in brief, is a program that teaches people all about bubbles and related scientific matters. People who wanted to find out all they can about the ins and outs of bubbles greatly appreciate it.


The aforementioned de Jeu is a man who guides businesses that are searching for assistance with techniques. He created SVM Business Advisory back in 2012. He’s been running it with alacrity since then, too. His background in learning is expansive. He learned a lot about business matters at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. He was actually a top student. De Jeu has achieved so much in his career sector. He is capable of talking to others in all sorts of tongues. He can aid people who want to make investments that involve commercial real estate. He can even aid those who want insight into monetary services and overarching business concepts. Learn more:


This consummate professional had a rock-solid vocational journey before he even set up SVM Business Advisory and made it a brilliant reality. He was an Aviva Plc. employee for a while. He was the Director who handled corporate development topics. De Jeu is associated with SpeakUp. SpeakUp is the name of a startup organization on the European continent. It concentrates on technological components and has done quite well for itself so far. The team members at SpeakUp accommodate individuals who want in-depth counsel that pertains to compliance. Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter


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Dick DeVos Never Gives Up

When it was announced that a plan was floating around to build a multipurpose sports and convention arena north of downtown Grand Rapids, Dick DeVos immediately started making phones calls to lobby against this idea.


The future CEO (1993 to 2002) of his family’s Amway Corporation was worried that this convention arena would be a detriment to Grand Rapids and the downtown area. He reminded others of the negative effect of the building of the Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had on Detroit when the Pistons and Lions left in 1970.


Dick is married to Betsy DeVos. Both of these individuals are heirs to family fortunes and have spent much of their adult’s lives trying to change the world by changing institutions and policies. These GOP mega-donors are behind a variety of changes in state laws that affect labor and education.


Besty DeVos focuses typically on education and has successfully pushed a massive expansion of charter schools. Dick DeVos was one of the founding engineers of a 2012 law that changed Michigan from a home of organized labor to a right-to-work state. This change ensured that union membership was not a requirement of employment in the state.


When you think of Republican politics and the conservative cause, the DeVos is one of the leading names for support. However, their influence extends well beyond these agendas. Beginning in 1989, the Dick and Besty DeVos Family Foundation gave away more than $135 million to a variety of programs.


These programs include scholarships for private schools, leadership programs, policy initiatives for education reform, arts and culture, health and human services, and church. They gave the leading donation for Spectrum Health System Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.


The 2006 construction of this hospital received $103 million and was named after Dick’s mom, Helen DeVos. She is the wife of Richard DeVos who is Dick’s dad and the co-founder of the Amway Corporation.


The DeVos couple most significant initiative is education reform. Mr. DeVos created an aviation charter high school. This high school is located at the Grand Rapids International Airport and is accessible to all Grand Rapids are high school students.


Their main goal for education reform is to ensure all children, regardless of income, have the same opportunities as the DeVos’ children. Over the years, they have succeeded in this education reform. However, they have also failed.


An example was in 2000 when voters rejected the idea of tax-funded private school vouchers for students. Dick DeVos also lost his campaign for governor shortly after this rejection. The DeVos couple does not give up.


They chose to change strategies and succeeded in twenty-four states and Washington DC offering some type of vouch for private school education.


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OSI Group McDonalds opens the doors of its burger factory

If you happen to ask anyone what their favorite snack is, there is a good chance that they will say hamburgers. OSI Group McDonalds, an international fast-food chain, is the biggest food supplier of hamburgers in the whole world. A recent report released by the company indicated that it sold at least 75 hamburgers every second. This success has also brought a lot of scrutiny to the company especially on how it makes its widely loved burgers. To clear any doubts, this global fast-food chain decided to open the Gunzburg factory, one of its biggest burger factories. The Gunzburg factory is the biggest that this company has outside of the United States.

Reducing the risk of contamination

At this German factory, Eunice Koekkoek, an OSI McDonalds representative took the media around for the tour. She indicated that OSI McDonald’s went the extra mile to make sure that the risk of contamination was totally eliminated. Among the measures to make this possible is that they take in large pieces of meat from slaughterhouses which can easily be inspected. The smaller surface area that the large pieces of meat have also means that it’s much more difficult for bacteria to contaminate it. Additionally, all the meat taken in at this OSI Group McDonalds factory is passed through x-ray checking to make sure that there is no bone or other metal contaminants inside.

Making the burger patties

Eunice Koekkoek said that how OSI Group McDonalds makes its burger patties has always been questioned by critics. She revealed that the meat is minced then both frozen and fresh are mixed into the patty making machine. The company representative mentioned that no binding agent is ever used in the meat. This is because the mix of frozen and fresh beef naturally makes them in the machine to make patties and also hold their shape afterward. To prevent the buildup of bacteria in the machines, the room temperature in the factory is usually 12 degrees Celsius. The machines are kept at a much colder temperature and are also regularly cleaned.

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Isabel dos Santos on Being a Successful Business Professional

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s richest woman. She is a skilled entrepreneur too. Recently, she attended the 2019 Africa Summit in Brussels. She said that the revolution of mobile telecommunications should be followed by a digital revolution. The business professional was a speaker in the discussion that sought to offer insight on employment opportunities to the less privileged. Isabel defended the development of technology utilized in the diversification of several sectors in the continent including banking as well as agriculture. To join the competitive marketing world, Isabel believes that one has to be educated. For more information about Isabel Dos Santos, view her crunchbase profile

Attending the 2019 Summit

Therefore, she’s taken the initiative by encouraging students and young aspiring business professionals to advance their education. Isabel dos Santos garnered her wealth from different sectors including telecommunications, energy, media, retail, and finance. She has worked in various capitals including the US and Africa. Currently, the wealthy businesswoman owns assets worth more than $2 billion in a report by Forbes. In many of her interviews, Isabel dos Santos states that she faced multiple challenges while serving in male-dominated sectors. She is aware of the problems that entrepreneurs face when seeking greener pastures. As such, Isabel dos Santos understands that empowering women would catalyze their personal growth. Their families would also grow. Isabel encourages her colleagues to join her in the movement. The head cheerleader of Unitel added that Africa would be dominated by revolutionary technology that will lead to the growth of the e-commerce sector. Online transactions and digital banking platforms will also dominate the continent.

Working at Unitel

Isabel dos Santos has successfully held various management positions across different companies. She moved to London in 1990 and joined her father in the family business. She was the project manager of Urbana 2000, an affiliate of Jembas Group. Isabel then started a trucking business. The growing demand for walkie-talkie helped her to grow her business. She opened the Miami Beach Club which was the leading night club. She also expanded the interests of her business thereby leading to the establishment of various holdings in her local community and foreign capitals. Source:

The Newest Executive Appointments as Announced by HGCC

HGGC is a very successful private equities company in the country. The company deals with profitable buyouts, growth equities, corporate carve-outs, restructuring the middle market and platform investments among other things. Their fields of investment include financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, industrial services, and many others. They are currently based mainly in North America; however, they have been strategizing on how they can spread out to the rest of the world.

Recently, the company announced that they would be making new additions to their teams. The additions that they have made are part of their efforts to improve service delivery to their customers. The company looks for business from those companies that are in a position to invest between $25 million and $125 million. When looking for revenue investments, they always go for companies that can offer more than $100 million. The business management team has a system whereby they only allow businesses that offer them majority and minority control and shares to invest in.

The company, which was previously known as the Huntsman Global Gay Capital, changed its name to HGGC five years ago. They have been in business for the past 12 years and the financial gains they have made during this time are enough evidence that they are growing tremendously as a business. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, in California. They, however, have additional offices in places such as Salt Lake City in Utah and Palm Beach in Florida.

The overhaul in HGGC leadership is a decision which was made last year. The main reason why they made this decision was to better position themselves in the market. The new positions were announced in October 2018. Christopher Quinn is one of the new officials that joined the company in the new appointments. Quinn is the new Company Executive Director. His focus is to raise the company’s portfolio. Zachary Adams is another new appointee for the company. He joins them from the Boston Consulting Group, where he previously worked. Other notable appointments include Patrick Malanga, Merrill Lynch and William Specter.

HGGC has come a long way in the world of alternative investments. They maintain that the sky is the limit for the group.

How Burgers are Made at McDonald’s

Nowadays, it seems that people are becoming more critical in matters concerning the ingredients. The number of things to get worried about is growing exponentially. McDonald’s gets plenty of buyers. They say that 75 hamburgers are sold in a second. Fast-foods are not an exception when it comes to such kind of investigation. David Whipple in the year 1999 started a practice to investigate how many preservatives are used. OSI Group McDonalds in the year 2013 presented his burger to the world, that is 14 years after making it. It looked almost the exact one as the one kept in the kitchen cupboard.

Keith Warriner, the program director at University of Guelph’s at the department of food science confirmed that the hamburgers from McDonald’s had little to do with preservatives for them to remain fresh. OSI Group McDonalds burgers are the same as other foods that not if maintained under certain conditions can rot. Microbes that cause spoiling of foods need certain things to grow, and if they lack them, they can’t grow. OSI Group McDonalds confirmed that no preservatives in his works. Though most people believe that he uses preservatives. Business Insider visited OSI Group McDonalds factory where most burgers are made. Workers who experience stomach upset are banned from work until the cause is identified. This is done to avoid transmitting any type of bacteria to the meat. The requirements, therefore are rigorous.

To ensure security, they don’t allow anything to get loose, and workers need to wear protective clothing and thoroughly cleaning their hands. Meat comes in large pieces to reduce the surface area, this ensures that it leaves a very minimal surface area to be infected. Machine remove bones while meat to make are ground by blenders. Burgers are made by use of minced meat. It requires a few people in the factory even though the number produced is high. Few hamburgers are made and tasted to ensure that the required standards are achieved. When complaints are forwarded, they’re investigated and then resolved. Cows used are registered during their birth and monitored. They are slaughtered from their country to avoid transportation. Same temperatures are maintained till the unpacking time. Learn More.

The Impact of Jos Auriemo Neto on the JHSF

Over ten years ago, the JHSF released the Cidade Jardim complex, domestic to purchasing Cidade Jardim, the principal reference in the user’s luxurious market. In addition to the company’s purchases, the complex has a number of towers that are exquisite and elegant, it is part of the condominium Park metropolis garden, and few towers that consist of the city lawn corporate center. The following year the company gave some of its capital and started buying and selling its shares on the Novo Mercado of BMF & Bovespa. In addition to this, the JHSF obtained a majority stake inside the resorts of the Fasano hotel and began to manage the organization’s restaurants.

Another significant moment was when the JHSF inaugurated the Fazenda Boa Vista, a 12 million square meter residential apartment within the city of Porto Feliz, in the country of São Paulo. The Fazenda Boa Vista is considered the most highly-priced condominium in Brazil. The business enterprise also introduced the Horto Bela Vista in Salvador, Bahia, inclusive of residential towers, a faculty, and a shopping center. JHSF also purchased the Ponta Negra and introduced the first Catarina style outlet in Brazil and the primary non-public airport for aviation inside the United States of America known as the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport.

The JHSF tremendously grew under José Auriemo Neto’s leadership and became larger and extensive as the years go by. Even if he became one of the administrative board recently, his outstanding leadership skills and management will never be forgotten. Employees of the JHSF can testify how hardworking, reliable, and passionate he was as the Chief Executive Officer. The primary objective of José Auriemo Neto was to constantly follow his father’s mission and vision for the company as well as to never stop expanding as the years go by. In our industry today, the JHSF now has operations inside the United States of America and in Uruguay. A number of their developments advanced with the help of the JHSF international particularly the establishment on the fifth street in New York and the actual property improvement of the residential apartment that is located in Uruguay.

InnovaCare Health Develops Physician Services

InnovaCare Health is a thriving company that recently announced new physician services for clients. Rick Shinto is the current CEO of the company. When Rick took over as CEO, there were numerous problems that he had to address. Not only were sales declining, but the company was losing money each year. Many of the best employees left to go work at other organizations.


The first thing that Rick did as CEO was to write down a list of all the problems facing the company. He prioritized the issues and started working to fix the problems. He decided to change the compensation structure at the company. Rick wanted the best employees to feel compensated for their hard work. He began a bonus program that gave employees higher pay if the company hit specific metrics.

Rick also instituted tight internal controls on expenses. If InnovaCare Health could reduce costs while maintaining sales, the company would become profitable again.

New Services

Rick decided to stop providing some services that InnovaCare Health offered. After analyzing the numbers, he realized that these services were costing the company money. He also developed new services that would attract additional clients. With all of the changes in the healthcare industry, developing new services is one of the best ways to find new customers.


Rick has won various awards for his work as CEO of InnovaCare Health. He enjoys spending time helping people in his community. He is also involved in the school system. He mentors several people at InnovaCare Health who want to become executives.


Rick plans to remain CEO of the company for the foreseeable future. He enjoys his job, and he is proud of his accomplishments so far. He genuinely believes that InnovaCare Health can become one of the leading healthcare companies in the world. He plans to write a book about his experience as CEO.