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Adam Milstein Is an Avid Philanthropist And Jewish Activist

Adam Milstein is a longtime Israel activist and philanthropist who is well-known throughout the real estate industry. Adam has given various speeches and conducted interviews with several new publications over the years discussing his work and philanthropic pursuits. IdeaMensch published an interview where Adam discussed his position as Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties. This corporation manages hundreds of high-value properties all throughout the United States with a total value of approximately 2 billion dollars. According to Adam Milstein, the idea to work as a partner for Hager Pacific started right out of college, though he ended up working as a commercial real estate broker. Adam wanted to try and go at it by himself due to the low offers he received before and just after graduating, stating people didn’t appreciate his experience and knowledge in life as of yet. Read more about Adam Milstein at The Jerusalem Post.

Adam Milstein is widely known throughout the Jewish community as an Israeli activist on top of his position at Hager Pacific. On top of this, Adam also runs the Milstein Family Foundation with his wife, Gila Milstein. The Milstein’s focus through this organizations is to support the Jewish community and various organizations to strengthen the Jewish community as a whole. Today, Adam is also a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, dedicated to improving relations and foreign policy between Israel and the U.S. Learn more at Crunchbase about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein has three pillars as a foundation for his philanthropic mission, which also applies to the Milstein Family Foundation. These pillars include Active Philanthropy, Life path Impact, and finally Philanthropic Syngery. Which basically translates to daily philanthropic pursuits for all members of the organization, continued support over the course of a lifetime for Jewish youth, and regular partnerships with other philanthropic organizations to increase the overall effectiveness of their projects. The Milstein Family Foundation invests in all of its projects on a personal level and all members are dedicated to supporting the community. Adam Milstein has stated he is able to juggle his successful real estate career and philanthropic projects through his daily practice of persistence and consistency towards reaching his goals.