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Bean There, Done That. Living Longer with Organo Gold Coffee

Organo Gold is a marketing company that was founded in 2008. The company sells coffees, teas, body management products, and personal care products. Organo Gold is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients for its consumers. The company operates in more than forty countries around the world and that includes the United States and Canada. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold offers customers a variety of coffees and teas. Some of the kinds of coffee that are sold are Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, and Cafe Supreme among others. Organo Gold also sells Green Tea, Red Tea, and Black Iced Tea. The company also has Hot Cocoa as well. According to a new study in USA Today drinking a few cups of coffee each day can lead to living a longer life.


The study was comprised of two parts. The first study followed one hundred eighty-five thousand people and the results were consistent across the board. The second study followed more than five hundred twenty thousand people and the results showed the same consistency as well. Both studies showed that those who drank a few cups of coffee each day tended to live longer than those who didn’t. The study also showed that drinking coffee could lower a person’s risk for such things as cancer and heart disease. It also didn’t matter what background the person came from. The results of the studies were consistent for all groups as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the groups were separated by those who smoked and those who didn’t. More studies need to be done to definitively prove that coffee can help a person live longer.

This is great news for a company like Organo Gold. It is one way for the company to broaden its reach for more customers. Organo Gold is also available at

Sheldon Lavin contributions to the growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is the largest food processing company in the world. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The food processing company have gone global with outlets in very many countries in the world. Current OSI Group has outlets in over 65 locations in the world. It has additional outlets through a partnership with other food processing companies in countries such as the United Kingdom. Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of the food processing company. OSI Group was started in 1909. It has been in existence for over a hundred years. It grew from a small butcher shop to become a global giant in the food processing industry. Sheldon Lavin has managed to steer the company to excellence through his four decades of management. He has placed measures that will see the company improve its operations in the world. OSI Group has been working on the basis of ensuring food safety, use of green practices and sustainability of their production methods.

OSI Group was originally known as OTTO &Sons. It was named after the founder of the group, Otto Kolschwsky and his sons who were assisting him in the management of the company. The breakthrough for the food processing company came in 19565 when they were contracted by a leading food chain company McDonald’s to supply hamburgers. In 1973, ISO Group opened their first special foods processing plant to specifically deal with supplies to the McDonalds. Sheldon Lavin joined the food processing firm in the 1970s. He joined as an equal partner alongside Otto’s sons. He would later gain full control of the firm after the first son sold his shares to him whole the second later retired from the manage met of the firm. This left him as the only sole partner of the company. This means that he was left with the full mandate of making decisions for the company. To know more click here.

Sheldon Lavin has been investing in strategies that will make the company better. He wants to have it open branches in all parts of the world. He has been applying the technique of acquisition to spread the operations of the company to more countries as possible. One of his recent acquisitions has been the Baho Food. This is Dutch company that has operations in many parts of the European market. The acquisitions intended to help the American food giant to penetrate the American market is the easiest way possible.

Learn more about him:,+Chairman+And+CEO+Of+OSI+Group,+LLC/1529744/0/article.html

Dr. Mark Holterman Wants To Stop Childhood Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the biggest challenges facing us today. Today’s children are expected to have diabetes at rates unprecedented by American history. There is only one way to make sure this doesn’t happen to them. Somebody needs to step in and try to find a way to prevent the epidemic before it arises. That’s exactly what Dr. Mark Holterman is trying to do with his training camp for kids. With his help we may be able to avoid a crisis in the making. It won’t be easy but this plan is designed to give children the help they need before it’s too late. Read more Q&A at with Dr. Mark Holreman.

The Current Situation

Holterman has spent considerable amounts of time studying the diabetes situation in America and he has a firm belief that today’s numbers are headed in the wrong direction. In order to help turn things around Holterman is trying to find a way to get kids to understand the importance of nutrition and exercise. Obesity and poor diet are bringing our kids closer to this sad reality. Somebody needs to do something about it in order to make sure it doesn’t happen.


What Needs To Change

The first thing Holterman is trying to change is the way we think about exercise and vegetables. These are absolutely essential to giving kids the right start in life, but we simply aren’t doing enough to make sure they are given these resources. Another major issue affecting kids is the complete lack of education in nutrition. Kids simply aren’t being taught about education in the same ways that they were in the past. That’s playing a huge role in why so many kids are at risk of diabetes today. This is something that absolutely must be changed.

How He Plans To Do It

The camp that Dr. Mark Holterman has created is essential to making sure kids get the proper nutrition they need. Nobody else out there has taken up the responsibility. Given his years of research into diabetes, it seems that he would be the perfect fit for putting our kids on the right track. Read more on about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Sheldon Lavin- Pushing OSI Group to greater heights

Sheldon Lavin is the current chief executive officer of OSI Group. This is the biggest food processing company in the world. The company does not mainly deal with retail sales. Almost all of its clients are large food chain stores. OSI Group has reached this level due to the impact that Sheldon Lavin has in the management of the company. He is focused on ensuring that the operations of the group are not hampered by anything and anyone. He has worked very hard to raise the company from a small company with just a single processing plant in the 1970s to now owning business operation in over 65 countries.

OSI Group was started by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 in Chicago. Back then it was known as Otto &Sons. Since then the company has been growing steadily. Before Sheldon Lavin joined the company it was not doing great. His entrance in the management of the company added the much-needed value of entrepreneurship. OSI Group started its journey to large-scale food processing after it was given orders by the McDonald’s in the1950s to supply them with hamburger. This would set up the foundation of what is now a global company worth billions of dollars.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI as a managing partner in the 19709s. His role was to work alongside his other two partners, sons of Otto, to grow the company. Sheldon Lavin came into the company with huge plans. Since he was previously in the finance sector, he knew what was to be done to make the company expand its territory. With McDonald’s expanding, it meant that their orders were also growing. This resulted in the firm building the first special plant that was to serve McDonald’s only. Sheldon Lavin was determined not to let OSI group lag behind as McDonald’s grew. He came up with a plan that would be used by the group to get hold of the food processing market. He came up with three points that would form the basis of the company’s success. These are; green practices, sustainability, and food safety.

Sheldon Lavin has been serving in the industry for about four decades. Formerly an investor and a banking executive, Sheldon was determined to succeed. He has been the single biggest contributor to the success of this firm. Sheldon Lavin has in recent years embarked on an acquisition spree in an attempt to expand the operations of the group into as many countries in the world as possible.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page:

The Successful Reign of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies

Every company wants success, a good reputation and to be in the lead in their industry. Their many factors that could make this dream come true. Having a good CEO is one of the key elements. The chief executive officer of the company has numerous roles in the business. Firms with able CEOs remain at the top even during hard economic times. They are also not threatened by competition.

Securus Technologies is one of the companies that are lucky to have an able CEO. It is not a wonder that the company remains the leading company in the provision of high technology. No other firm or designer has been able to second their expertise.

Rick Smith was appointed as the Securus Technologies CEO in 2008. This was the best decision the company has made. His great leadership qualities, clean criminal record, experience, and a tremendous educational background are some of the factors that Securus saw in him. From the development of the company, it is clear he was the right individual for this job.

Rick Smith had worked in different firms before landing to Securus Technologies. This was what gave him the experience he needed. He had also worked in various departments of high tech companies. This gave him an idea of the duty of the different departments and their contribution to the output.

Rick Smith had a good reputation from the firms he had worked with before. Before he joined Securus, he was the CEO of Eschelon-Telkom. Through his hard work, determination and good strategies he raised the standards of the company. Their revenue raised to $ 350 million from $30 million. He also raised $80 million with EBITDA.

Besides the great experience, Rick Smith also has a rich academic background. Every CEO needs great academics to understand the fundamentals of operating a business. It helps understand the financial records and other essential fundamentals in a system. Rick Smith is a product of very prestigious institutions.

Rick Smith has a bachelor in degree in Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. Smith is also an MBA holder.

Final Verdict

Rick Smith has all the qualities to run a business. His experience and educational background are just but few of the examples. Securus Technologies has had major changes since the reign of Rick Smith began.

The architecture has been built to meet the firm’s needs. This has helped increase the efficiency of the company.

More and more companies continue to sign up for the services of Securus Technologies. This is because of their expertise and their high level of innovation. Their clients know they can trust them to protect them against risks of having their private data exposed. The citizens also feel safe knowing they are protected by Securus Company.

Charitable Donations Are At The Heart Of Highland Capital Management

When most individuals think of Highland Capital Management, they envision a highly efficient investment advisor registered with the SEC with an impeccable reputation. The company combined with their affiliates have management assets totaling roughly $15.4 billion. Many people do not realize how much time and donations have been committed to charity by Highland Capital Management. Read this article at Dallas News.

James Dondero and Mark Okada were the founders of Highland Capital Management in 1993. Since then the company has earned the status of one of the most experienced, and largest alternatives to credit managers in the world. The specialty of the company is in credit strategies, and this encompasses credit hedge funds, special-situation and distressed private equity, separate accounts regarding long-only funds, and CLO’s, or collateralized loan obligations.

Highland Capital Management additionally offers a wide variety of alternate investments including natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets. The company has built a diversified client base, and includes foundations, financial institutions, public pension plans, governments, corporations, endowments, high net-worth individuals, and fund of funds. Although the headquarters of Highland Capital Management have remained in Dallas, Texas, they maintain additional offices in numerous locations.


The community is of high importance to Highland Capital Management, and the company has invested in so much more than the financial markets. The company is proud to have invested in the communities their employees work and live in. They have made a firm commitment to make a substantial difference. This is accomplished through involvement in the advisory board, volunteering, and making financial donations to both the national nonprofit organizations and the community organizations. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management and their partners have made commitments totaling well over $10 million to organizations all across the globe. This is partially where their reputation has been established. From finances to charity, Highland Capital Management has become successful. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

David McDonald Achievements at OSI Group

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and the current President of OSI International Foods, one of the leading companies specializing in food processing globally. David McDonald was born in Pennsylvania to Welsh immigrants. He went to the Catholic Parochial School. He is an alumnus of the Iowa State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Prior to being named the president of the company, he served as the company’s project manager. Mr. McDonald used to be the Director of Marfrig Global Foods. He is a member of the board of directors of OSI group. He is also the Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited based in Australia.

OSI Group is a global company specializing in the supply of value-added proteins like sausage links, beef patties, sandwiches and pizza to food services and retail brands. The company has branches in Europe, China and in the United States. The company in 2016, launched its expansion plans of new processing and production plants globally. OSI group also acquired the Baho Food, a Dutch private company specializing in processing meat and food services. Baho Food has five subsidiary companies and functions in Germany and Netherlands with customers located in over eighteen European countries. According to David McDonald, the acquisition has expanded the market for OSI group in Europe and has increased the OSI Group’s capabilities of serving their customers’ requirements across Europe.

McDonald has achieved numerous things at OSI Group. Under his leadership, the company achieved the ISO14001 certification for environmental certification. The company’s North American branch donated food to Feeding America. David acknowledged that the donation will ensure there are sustainable environmental resources.

David developed a well-organized management team to govern OSI. The team focusses the integration of different cultures and tastes in the organization. The team of professionals provides solutions to their customers. The company decided to concentrate more on China because the country has a larger population. The company has served the Chinese population for over two decades and has grown with the China’s economy. The company recently opened a modern feed mill in China’s Shandong Province that has an annual capacity of 600,000 metric tons of food.

For details:

Here’s How Glen Wakeman Offers an Ultimate Guide to Startup Companies

Glen Wakeman is a highly prosperous Financial Services Executive, CEO, and Executive Mentor, with 21-years experience in administration environment at GE in enterprise growth and P&L responsibilities.

Glen is ardent about building enterprises. He does this to improve the organization and the personal agility. Glen Wakeman achieves his success by applying the proven methodology which enhances and assesses five essential dimensions of attaining success. They include execution (integrating people, process, and technology); governance ( authorizing constructive dissent); human capital (lining up vision, tactics, and strategy); leadership ( preparing the organization for a change); and risk management (reducing disruptions).

Presently Glen is the CEO as well as the Founder of LaunchPad Holdings. The company deals with the fully automatic software service which enables early phase entrepreneurs to arrange their opinions into a workable strategy. Its user ground is national in extent as well as it’s enjoying an increasing development curve.

LaunchPad ToolKit is accompanied by the deep and broad library of tips available as the direction to tycoons as they shape their organization. That is endorsed by an extensive system of capital advisors and providers. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Daily Forex Report.

In these occupations, Glen recapitalized, he received various local, international, and national medals for his governorship and as well as his devotion to the corporate social role.

Wakeman spent more than 20 years with GE fund in progressively complicated leadership responsibilities in business development, operations management, and general management, working and living in the United States and operating in the global markets.

In Wakeman’s previous role, he was CEO of GE Money Latin America, where he constructed the nine-nation running from startup, surpassing $12bn in properties, 17,000 employees, and $100 million in yearly earnings. He signed loads of partnerships, promoted new commodities, and built a network of more than 1000 branches. Read more on

Glen Wakeman has stayed in 6 nations and has been in charge of the operations in more than 30 nations. He is greatly acknowledged by GE’s council of Directors as the development leadership responsibility model.


Mike Baur is Passionate about Helping Others

Mike Baur is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the managing partner, as well as co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory (SSF). After working in the banking industry for more than 20 years, Baur took up investing in startup companies and eventually establishing the SSF in 2014. His partners in the venture are Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Baur pitched the SSF in the START Summiteer, which was a pitching contest for startups. In early 2016, he became the deputy-director of CTI Invest after the SSF and CTI formed a partnership.


Mr. Baur is a product of Freiburg, Switzerland. Mike Baur attended Bern University and the University of Rochester where he earned degrees in Business. He began his career in the banking industry when he was just 16 years old when he took on the challenges of apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland (USB). Despite having a very successful outlook at USB, Baur’s long term plan did not quite follow the banking path at USB that his supervisors thought it should. He went on to other banking, as well as business opportunities.


While at USB, Baur provided investment advice to wealthy Swiss investors and individuals. He moved onto the Clariden Leu Bank and held a very prominent position. Despite being very successful in the banking industry, the banking environment following an economical downturn Baur found the banking industry less appealing. Baur decided it was time to focus his energy, time and talent on helping technology based entrepreneurs establish themselves in the business world.


Help for startups came in the form of the SSF. The founders established an incubator program that provides training and mentoring services. The SSF also provides financing to startups. The program also allows startups network with others and exchange ideas. The educational component of the program helps entrepreneurs how and where to find funding for future growth and development.


Baur established a new company called Think Reload. The company focuses on providing financial advice for affluent and wealthy clients. This company, along with CTI Invest work collaboratively to provide training and sponsor the event called Swiss Startup Day. SSF established a partnership with BV4. The new entity provides estimating services for intellectual property, inventions and ideas. The service is invaluable as the monetary values must be known for funding purposes.


Baur describes SSF as a unique brand as it is operates independently rather than as a part of another company or political organization. That allows both sides to take the necessary action to move forward without the appearance of conflict of interest. Because the founders invest their own time and money it gives them an added incentive to see entrepreneurs and their startups succeed.


Currently, Mike Baur still operates Think Reload, as well as working with the SSF. His focus at SSF is to raise funds for the operation and provide the necessary financing. Because of Mike Baur’s passion and commitment to helping other entrepreneurs has made it possible for others to succeed. He has provide great insight into the business world.


Neurocore: Offering Detailed Brain Analysis For Treatment Of Mental Health Disorders

Millions of people all over the country are currently experiencing some of the other forms of mental health issue, which they need treatment for. More often than not, these conditions go undiagnosed not because of their ignorance of the subject, but because the current technology to provide hard evidence about a mental health issue is not as widely used as it should be. One company has managed to break all barriers to come up with something that can help doctors accurately identify the problems that their patients are facing, providing them with medical evidence of the case. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Neurocore is an organization that is dedicated to offering patients and doctors with the right tools to assess the brain, to help them understand the right treatment options that they have. The company provides analysis and assessment to both adults and children who need to have their brain analyzed for medical purposes. Using some of the latest technology and developments in neuroscience, the company has managed to set the pace for mental health diagnoses in the country. Currently, Neurocore is operational through its centers in Michigan and Florida. The company has numerous centers across these two states so that they can offer their services to the people there. The firm sees individuals coming to them from all over the country who are in need of diagnoses and treatment for their conditions. Follow Neurocore on

Neurocore is known to provide services that can help patients who have a wide range of mental health issues. Some of the things that Neurocore can help people with include ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, migraines, sleep disorders and stress-related disorders. Neurocore tries to offer solutions that are as comprehensive as possible so that patients can get the most precise answer to their issues. Thereon, the company offers them a range of treatment solutions that can aid people who have been diagnosed. Because of the incredibly sophisticated technology that the company uses, they can offer some of the most detailed brain scans in the market today. Neurocore tries to provide the patients coming to them an all-around testing system, which helps them tackle the very root of the problem rather than on the surface level like traditional treatments does.