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James Dondero Brings Hope for a Bright Future

James Dondero, a resident of Dallas, graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and finance holding the designations of CMA, CPA, and CFA and then started his career journey. He founded Highland Capital Management Company in 1993 and is the president of the company. James has over thirty years of experience in the investing market. He worked as a credit investor and then left to start his business. Highland Capital is a top rated company in the development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market in offering award-winning products and solutions for both retail and institutional investors globally.

Moreover, Dondero serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. James also works as a board of directors Chairman at Nexbank Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. Dondero worked at American Express between 1985 and a Corporate Bond Analyst and a Portfolio Manager. He started his analyst career in 1984 after being taken into the Morgan Guaranty training program. James was a Chief Investment Officer and helped to build the GIC subsidiary of protective life between 1989 and 1993. Mr. Dondero founded Nexbank Company and is the president of the company.

Mr. Dondero is an active philanthropist who has supported a vast array of organizations in Dallas. For example, Dallas residents used to travel to Africa to see hippos for the last 15 years. James and other philanthropists contributed to the reconstruction of a state-of the-art hippo outpost at the Dallas Zoo.

Dallas residents were very pleased and appreciated James Dondero‚Äôs generous act. His philanthropy acts have benefited many other organizations such as Snowball Express, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, and Education is Freedom Charity, Uplift Education among other organizations in Dallas and worldwide.

Also, James is a board member at the Jernigan Capital, a company that directly lends and offers loans developing the community’s financial needs. James Dondero is a blessing to Dallas, from his contribution to Dallas economy to his philanthropic activities. Mr. Dondero is dedicated, determined and is successful in all his aspects benefiting Dallas residents.

Lori Senecal a Guru in Advertising

Advancements made in technology have revolutionized the way we do things, and advertising is no exception. Technology has made advertising easier and reachable to millions of people who have access to the internet and own mobile phones.

To be relevant adverts should use platforms that reach the target audience, deliver a message that can be easily understood and inspires the audience to take action.

User experience is also very critical in advertising and should be designed in such a way that it is multicultural, virtual reality, and native, easily accessible and can be shared. The best platform for advertising is the social media forum such as face book. Check out GC Report to know more.

According to Adage, some of the top marketing trends that appeal to the user according to Lori Senecal are: the use of eye catching colors in adverts that attract people attention, customizing adverts for mobile users thus making it easy to navigate through and making the adverts generate emotional responses, creating a connection between the client and the brand. In addition, the use of humor in advertising is essential as it can trigger viral sharing. Recognizing women significance in adverts is also very crucial as women do shopping more than men and also do most of the family purchases. The use of data analyst is also significant for companies as they help refine advertising and can respond to news and trends. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Lori Senecal is the current Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. Lori became the firms CEO as from march 2015. At the firm, Lori is responsible for overseeing the company’s global expansion and coordination and management of the agency nine international offices. Lori has a vast experience in the field of advertising and has previously worked as a CEO at MDC Partner Network.

Lori has been the brains behind several new advertising models that have become very successful in business and corporations such as TAG Ideation, a unit that specializes in marketing young adult products.

Lori Senecal has had a tremendous career at CP+B and has achieved a lot as the CEO. Some of her achievements include being able to expand the business to 9 international offices and grown the number of employees from around 250 to more than 900 globally. Moreover, the agency was recognized with a Titanium Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Why hire Rubica “Personal Cyber Security” 08/04 for your company?

While many companies in the US and many parts of the world lose up to 30 percent of their earnings on cyber security attacks, it calls for more attention for those who need to improve their security. The above reasons are why Rubica Personal Cyber Security offers the best solution for those companies that need to improve their growth remarkably.

Why hire Rubica “Personal Cyber Security” 08/04 for your company?

The company understands the importance of personal cyber security in terms of the operations of any business. With reputation Rubica, a digital security as well as privacy company that will come up with measures on how to mitigate the threats thus allowing
your security to operate much easier. With the increasing threats of personal cyber security, the company has new measures that they can apply to save your company billions of dollars in terms of losses.

Rubica as a company understands the future of personal cyber security as well as its importance on the operations of the businesses. Why say this? The threats are likely to increase in the future thus making it important that every company to come up with measures that will enable them eliminate these threats much easier without losing revenue.

Severity of cyber security to any company can be detrimental in terms of their growth. Rubica is a company that has specialized on the new ways of dealing with cyber security thus enabling a company to operate without having to worry about external threats. Those companies that have hired the services of Rubica has been giving positive reviews on how they have improved their revenues
in the past couple of years.

For more information about Rubica as well as their services, you can visit,, or to learn more. In conclusion, the above are the reasons why you should hire Rubica “Personal Cyber Security” 08/04 today for your company.