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Kim Dao Demonstrates Pokémon Makeup

Since 1996, Pokémon has been associated with the Japanese video games and cartoons. It’s also a makeup line put out by Tony Moly just last year. Kim Dao did a review on them, and she’s back to review some new products in the Pokemon line. The first item is the Pikachu BB cushion SPF 50+. The container looks like it’s in the shape of Pikachu the mouse. It’s a container with a pad that’s a powder foundation that covers imperfections on the face. All the makeup is packaged in the likeness of all the cartoon characters. Don’t be fooled into thinking this makeup is for little girls.

The Pokémon Eye Palette #1. Each kit comes with three eye-shadow palettes that complement each other. Kim Dao is trying the beige collection. It also comes with a brush to apply the eye-shadow.

Next is the Pikachu Mascara. It comes in black, red, and blue. Kim Dao doesn’t recommend the red for everyday use, although Kim Dao said it looked like it would be good on her eyebrows because the raspberry- red mascara matches her hair. Kim Dao said the red mascara could be used for a costume party. On the other hand, the mascara does lengthen lashes.

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The Pikachu Mini Cushion blusher looks a little like the BB cushion. It goes on like the BB cushion except it’s a blush. It smells like strawberry.

Next there’s Pokémon Lip care stick. It’s a lip balm. Pikachu has a body lotion that smells just like baby powder.

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Chris Burch Understands How Technology And Fashion Can Work Together

The fashion industry is a special industry that combines a variety of aspects together that makes fashion unique. When people look at the fashion industry, it is more than just fashion. The fashion industry is the pulse of various industries that looks towards the fashion industry to determine market trends and popular concepts. What people consider popular in the fashion industry carries a lot of weight in public perception.


As a result, fashion companies can make a name for themselves with a popular fashion design. Many fashion companies have become household names in the public by introducing one fashion design that becomes very popular. The fashion industry is an interesting industry for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is because there is no set rule for what is considered great fashion. Designers and fashion executives can try almost anything from a creative stance. The final judge in many cases regarding what is popular is the public.


There are many occasions when what is considered great fashion designs by reviewers do not become popular in the market. Likewise, reviewers have given a thumbs down to some fashion designs that ultimately became very popular. The fashion industry is an industry where new and different is rewarded. People like to see fashion that is different and touches new ideas.


One of the new fashion concepts and ideas that is becoming very popular in the fashion industry is the blending of technology and fashion into a fashion design. The use of technology has become something that various fashion designers and fashion companies are implementing into fashion in recent years. Technology has become a hot industry in the past few decades, and many people look to technology as more than just technology. The use of technology has also become a trend of how the technology looks and the name of the company behind the technology.


One of the people in the business world who has a very good understanding of the technology and fashion industries is Chris Burch. A business executive who has started numerous companies in his professional career, Chris Burch is well respected for his innovative approach to business along with his business success. Chris Burch knows how to make companies successful regardless of the business industry.


Chris Burch has started and managed companies in multiple industries that include the technology and fashion industries. He understands what makes good fashion and what its takes to be successful in the technology industry.



The Incredible Accomplishments Of Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is a recognized financial advisor, manager, and a notable business leader. He has extensive experience after holding numerous senior positions in different companies handling financial matters. Currently, he is the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisors, a reputable firm that offers premium financial services and products. The multinational company has offices in various locations and its main office is situated in Paris.

Parascandola is in charge of a network of about six thousand financial professionals providing financial guidance and addressing global insurance matters. The influential position that Parascandola holds gives him a chance to have his efforts felt not only in headquarters in Paris but also in Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, North America and Asia-Pacific region.

AXA Advisors LLC was formed in 1816 under the name Ancienne Mutuelle and it has growth since then by acquiring other small firms to its current status. From the firm foundation set up a century ago, the multinational company has grown into a brand-name recognize all over the world. The current name, AXA Advisors LLC, was developed when the company acquired other firms in 1985.

Besides being a reputable insurance and financial consultation firm, AXA Advisors LLC under the leadership of Parascandola and other members of administration engage in philanthropic and environmental conservation activities. As a result, the company created AXA Foundation and set aside a hundred million euro research fund that has benefited numerous countries. Today, the company still runs AXA Heart in Action Initiative that is aimed at developing artistic and social developments.

Being the current Senior Executive Vice President, Vincent Parascandola has attained great developments through his unparalleled management style. For instance, his expertise has enabled him to recruit thousands of qualified financial professionals as AXA Advisor’s representatives. He has also earned recognition and respectable awards like GAMA’s Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. More significantly, he is a great public speaker and he is often invited to speak during business meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Prior to his current role, Vincent had worked for Continental Division as Chief Sales Officer. He was also the President of the Nothern Division and the Head of the Advantage Group. He has also worked for MONY Group as a Field Vice President, Sales Manager, and a Managing Director.

Getting a Clean New Style

When Emily McClure of started on the new venture to try a new shampoo, she happen to chose one of my favorite cleansing conditioners. The Wen by Chaz is an exceptional cleansing solution that boasts a 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner.

Emily used the Wen by Chaz system for a week to give it a fair shake and make sure she addressed any issues. On the first day, she found she had to use a lot of the cleansing formula to clean her hair. She used the basic amount of pumps recommended by the bottle to wash her hair. Less hair fell out, and her hair felt more voluminous as she washed it. After styling her hair, it was shiny, and felt thicker for her fine thin hair strands.

Day two, Emily failed to wash her hair in the morning and noted that her hair felt greasy and flat throughout the day, until she was able to get back home and wash it. Afterward, she had the same great results that she had day one. Day three and four were similar, her hair fell flat quickly after washing her hair, and if she failed to shower in the morning, she ended up with greasy hair.

By days five, six, and seven Emily had found a routine that for her hair type required that she shower in the morning, and style it immediately after. She even went out with some friends on day six and her friends commented on how shiny and great her hair looked. She liked the Wen by Chaz hair system and would recommend a routine when using it.

Wen by Chaz is affordable at around $40 a bottle on Amazon and allows you to buy all your hair cleansing products in one bottle. This includes a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. For more product information, visit the website and YouTube channel.

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Mike Baur Promotes Startup Factory as it Continues to Expand

Mike Baur is a co-founder and Chairman of the Board at Swiss Start up Factory. He received an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York. He also earned an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. Mike spent over 20 years in the Swiss Private Banking industry. He started out as an apprentice at UBS. He worked his way up to serving on the executive board of a large Swiss Bank. He started Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, with his partner. They are the number 1 independent and privately financed ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.


In addition to his work at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike spends a lot of time with Swiss youth entrepreneurs and serves as a mentor and also provides financial support. The Swiss Start Up Factory is located in Zurich. It is an accelerator, wanting to back and support, digital entrepreneurs. The company runs a three-month start up accelerator program for young entrepreneurs. They offer platform services, coaching mentoring and office space for rent in the middle of Zurich. They provide a network of entrepreneurs to counsel and guide the beginners.


The Start Up Factories mission is to help startups become global companies. They want to provide any new startup with all the services they need to reach success. Mike Baur is a frequent key note speaker at small and mid-sized companies, startup events and universities. They help startups go from ideas to the marketplace in 3 months. To reach this goal they offer face to face mentoring programs, a collaborative work environment, pitch training, and a network of connections to entrepreneurs and investors.


Mike has worked with many organizations that provide financial services to businesses. He served as Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg. The company supported engineering students, business students and natural sciences, to develop new ideas. Mike started out working for UBS from 1991 to 2000 in Wealth Management, He worked with UBS Bank in the Key Client Area from 2002 to 2008. He worked with Business Area Head of Private Banking with Clariden Leu, from 2008 to 2011.Mike was head of private banking at Clariden Leu, from 2011 to 2012. He was head of private banking at Sallfort Privatbank AG, from 2012 to 2014. Currently Mike is head of the Swiss Startup Factory and is involved in raising funds for the company.

Josh Verne Provides Five Keys To Boost Chances Of Success In Business

The Knowledge for Men’s podcast had a guest on called Josh Verne from Philadelphia. In the interview with Knowledge for Men’s podcast host, Andrew Ferebee, Josh Verne talked about how he had built up several businesses over the course of over twenty years. Major elements of entrepreneurship and what Josh has learned over the years in running a business was discussed.


One of the key points discussed on the podcast interview, was that Josh Verne found that different age groups or demographics of workers respond differently to work conditions. Josh Verne says that as a business owner you need to find out which conditions are ideal for your workers and what will drive them to perform at their very best level. In his furniture business, Josh found that giving his younger workers autonomy and fostering a team environment helped to drastically improve productivity and cut down on absenteeism and waste. You need to create an environment that is conducive and that fits with your employees reiterates Josh Verne.


Another major point that Josh Verne made in the interview was that as an entrepreneur you need to be a leader and not just a boss. As a boss, you need to take into account what other people are saying and work with them to achieve your goals. When you work with your employees to achieve common goals, you will be much more productive and effective at reaching any goals your team sets. Being a boss may lead to resentment, lower productivity and will not earn you the true loyalty and respect that a leader in business gets.


Wondering how White Shark Media can help you reach your goal?

Choosing an advertising agency for your PPC ad management is an important decision, and should be handled with care. When it comes to signing up with an ad agency, consider White Shark Media.


Running a profitable ad campaign requires skills and time. For a business owner or entrepreneur it can be a hassle to attend to all of these tasks. That is why it is critical to consult a highly experienced and trusted pay per click advertising agency.


White Shark Media is a clear choice for any business person or entrepreneur who wants to achieve outstanding results with their advertising campaigns. The company serves many clients around the world – some well established, others smaller firms and advertisers with thriving enterprise models.


The company is completely committed to ensuring their clients’ continued great outcomes. They accomplish this by rendering their clients with online advertising and marketing tactics and a top notch suite of proprietary advertising and marketing resources and tools.


White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the industry because of their top notch services and reasonable price. The organization values their clients and ensures everything is well executed to help the client achieve their goal and to build a long term business relationship.


They operate hard to meet the marketing and advertising needs of their clients, and really help them attain their goal. They have generated top notch results for various clients and a huge amount of money of ad spend. White Shark Media has been rendering services for several years, and can really help you succeed.


White Shark Media will make it easy for you to boost profitability and save time while bringing in exceptional measurable results for you. Have a look at the website of White Shark Media and check with them for an appointment.

Celebrities Attend the L.A. Kabbalah Centre and Release Stress

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles streams online around the globe while also holding classes, seminars, and conferences at the same location. It is the largest Kabbalah Centre and was founded by Rav and Karen Berg in the 1980s. The Bergs brought the first Kabbalah Centre to America in the 1960s to NYC after they had been studying under Rav Ashtag in Israel, the original Centre. Karen Berg and her children are leaders and instructors of Kabbalah in the U.S.

Almost a century has passed since the first Kabbalah Centre was established, and now in 2017, there are Centres in over 40 cities. These Centres all are focused on the L.A. Centre for announcements, events and more. Kabbalah is the study of the universe and how man is involved. Students study the principles of Kabbalah and then apply them to their lives. Kabbalahists believe that everyone has joy deep inside, and it is the goal to bring it out. Watch Kabbalah Centre Video.

The Kabbalah Centres are open to everyone who is interested in learning more about Kabbalah. It is not a religion, and students may study in classes or online. There are meditations and other activities that members participate in as well as dinners, and volunteer events.

In the L.A. Centre, there are many celebrities who are members, and they agree that when they regularly attended the Centre, the chaos in their lives is reduced. Brittany Spears, Madonna, and Paris Hilton are regular members, and in the past, Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr. both attended the Centre and studied Kabbalah. Kabbalah Centre LinkedIn .

Part of studying the ancient wisdom is acquiring a spirit of giving, and Karen Berg has established volunteering events for students to participate in. Typically, volunteering takes place in the community surrounding the Centre. Madonna has opened three Kabbalah Centres in the U.S. during the 10 years she has been a member.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Work With Comparative Law

Comparative law is the study of the relationship between different legal systems. Issues surrounding comparative law has issues that include intellectual property protection, human rights, issues concerning the environment, criminal law, criminal law procedure, tax policies, and issues regarding labor relations. Comparative law is important because it helps people to understand their own law and to create help to create solutions for legal issues that have become a global problem. The study of foreign law, comparative law, is a way to look at legal issues and legal systems. Comparative law allows people to gain insights that one would not get if they studied the law of one country.  Based on


Sujit Choudhry the founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is the first university-based center to gain knowledge to support constitutional building. Sujit Choudhry is international recognized for his knowledge on comparative constitutional law and comparative constitutional development. Through his work, he addresses methodological questions in comparative law. His work extends beyond methodological questions and dives into developing ways to overcome transitions from violent conflict to peaceful democratic politics in ethnically divided areas. Sujit Choudhry is now looking into focusing his work on transitions from authoritarian to democratic rule.  Continue reading at


Sujit Choudhry is an accomplished scholar, writer, and member in the field. He has written over 70 articles, book chapters, working papers, and reports. Sujit Choudhry is a member of Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review, the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Board of Advisers for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, and the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law. He is active in many parts of comparative law from the study of it, to executing it, to developing tools to help other people understand it.


Comparative law is a field that can be used to develop insights and future laws in countries and legal systems. Sujit Choudhry has been developing the tools and insights to help societies make easier transitions in countries that are divided ethnically. Using comparative law, people can help understand not only their legal system but the legal system of other countries as well.

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Full Body Cleanse Equals Full Body Happiness carries herbal supplements and shares information to help consumers say healthy. One of their most popular products is the Full Body Cleanse. The cleanse’s phenomenal detoxifying properties leaves users feeling vibrant and refreshed.

The Full Body Cleanse also helps users loose weight. In fact, in early February founder of A.D. Dolphin visited the Steve Harvey Show. Harvey himself had been using the cleanse and even shedded 12 pounds!

In accompaniment to the 20 day cleanse, users should also take advantage of the raw diet. While some people may be skeptical at first, thinking that this dietary change will limit their food choices too severely, Dolphin proves there is no need for such skepticism. On the Steve Harvey Show, Dolphin shared mouth-watering and inspiring raw recipes with viewers. He made pastas, tacos, and smoothies.

It is important to stick with a raw diet plan to reap full benefits of the Full Body Cleanse, which do extend much further than simply weight loss. The Full Body Cleanse, helps views release toxins from their bodies. These toxins have the ability to weigh us down and make us feel sluggish. Once relieved, users feel happy and healthier. Users of the Full Body Cleanse commonly report brighter complexions, more energy, and experience increased circulation.

Pinterest implies that offers an efficient route to seeking full body health. Combining raw food recipes with the Full Body Cleanse will surely lead users to a happier and healthier version of themselves. Seek relief from feeling sluggish and unhealthy by restoring your body with a Full Body Cleanse.  For more recipes, and even reviews, be sure to check out the official Tumblr account of