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Baltimore Residents Young and Old Come out to Help Clean up after Riots

Tuesday morning, as groups of local and state police guarded the streets of Baltimore following the damaging riots on Monday, other groups of individuals began to emerge. Some noble adults, teenagers and tots alike came out, armed with brooms and… Continue Reading →

A Computer Generated 10-year Old Girl Used to Catch Over 1000 Padophiles

A computer generated 10-year old girl has been used to catch child sexual offenders. The girl was used to set up a fake profile in video chat rooms, which attracted the men like a magnet not knowing that they were… Continue Reading →

Company Drug Testing And Legal Marijuana Use Are Strange Bedfellows

The legal penalties for smoking or possessing a little pot are not as scary as they once were. Most states around the country are easing back on marijuana arrests because the foregone conclusion is pot is going to be legalized… Continue Reading →

After All These Years, Spider-Man Is Still A Teenager

Spider-Man is going to remain a teenager. This was not the case in the comic books. Spider-Man and Peter Parker both grew up. Such is not going to be the case in the movies, yet. The reboot of the Spider-Man… Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods has a bone pop out of place in his wrist at masters

On the ninth hole at the Augusta National Tiger wood hit something he wasn’t expecting while chipping a ball out of a pile of pine straw. He hit a tree root, which caused him a great deal of pain. Tiger… Continue Reading →

Stay in Luxury at the Dorchester Collection

Travel can be wonderfully exciting. People can encounter individuals from all walks of life they have never met before. The opportunity to travel can also allow the traveler to have the amazing chance to see ancient ruins, explore areas of… Continue Reading →

Down Syndrome Cheerleader’s Heroes‏

Wow. An article on Buzzfeed.com, Your text to link… , about a young cheerleader with Down’s Syndrome, Desiree, was bullied from the stands while she and her team were cheering at her school’s basketball team. Though not all kids are… Continue Reading →

South American Banking and Investment Pro Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a noted investment aficionado who comes from the South American nation of Brazil. As a professional in investment advising, Cornelsen aims to help his investor clients make strong choices that lead to solid investment decisions for the… Continue Reading →

Bernardo Chua Receives His Honor

Even though he was barely able to get to the ceremony in Manila, Bernardo Chua was able to attend with two of his staff members to receive a Bayan award as a people’s choice in The Philippines. His company was… Continue Reading →

Police Save Birthday of Autistic Boy

  The mom of a young boy in Florida was devastated when she planned a birthday party for her son and no one showed up. The little boy – a brave child who is dealing with autism – kept asking… Continue Reading →

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