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Exploring the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Skiing Resort That Vacationer Adore

The Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Ski Resort in California is a place where people come to have fun. There is no doubt about it. This is a place that is buzzing with a lot of activity. Some people that are… Continue Reading →

Duda Melzer Thinks Brazil’s Online Media Industry Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

Brazil’s media industry has 190 million potential customers. The media industry is big business in Brazil, and it is controlled by a handful of very wealthy families. One of those families is the Sirotsky’s in the South of Brazil. The Sirotsky’s have been controlling the media industry in the South of Brazil for more than 40 years. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho started the RBS Group in 1957, and the RBS Group now controls television stations, radio stations online news and printed newspapers. The RBS Group also owns a digital information company in Sao Paulo. Duda Melzer, the grandson of Sobrinho, is now the CEO of the RBS Group. Melzer is taking an active role in expanding the RBS Group’s online presence in Brazil. Television still dominates the media market in Brazil, according to Melzer, but radio still plays an important role in influencing the buying habits of the middle class. Duda knows a lot about the media industry. He earned a Master’s degree from Harvard. Melzer stayed in the United States when he was named president of Box Top Media in New York. Melzer also has experience in the franchise business, and he is a master when it comes to marketing and promoting the RBS Group. Duda is the driving force behind the RBS Group’s attempt to capture the attention of the 73 million Internet users in Brazil. Brazil has the 8th largest Internet audience in the world. Digitization has impacted Brazil in a number of ways. In the journalism sector, information flows faster than ever, and journalists are trying to adapt to a new environment that demands immediate coverage of important events. Speed trumps content in Brazil and Duda Melzer is trying to match content with speed. But there are serious gaps in Internet regulation, according to Duda, and he is trying to address those issues through legislation. http://bitsylink.com/2016/06/20/duda-melzer-takes-up-his-role-as-the-president-of-rbs-group/

ClassDojo Gets Parents into the World of the Students

The student stories is a new feature that has managed to captivate tons of fans of the ClassDojo app. This is one of the most interesting apps around, and millions of people have become fans of this type of virtual… Continue Reading →

Sanjay Shah’s New Foundation

Sanjay Shah is many thinks including a businessman, a philanthropist, as well as a family man who is dedicated to being a husband and a father. As the owner and the founder of Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is an individual… Continue Reading →

Marc Sparks In Sparks Speed

Marc Sparks is passionate about startups, which why he enjoys founding companies and nurturing other budding entrepreneurs with his Spark Tank competitions. Ever since he graduated high school, Marc knew he being a self-made man was his destiny; his education… Continue Reading →

The Career of Malini Saba

There are a lot of people that are looking for the opportunity to start their careers in the business world. I think that women are often the ones that are experiencing the problems. They tend to hit the glass ceiling… Continue Reading →

NurtiMost Leads The Weight Loss Industry With Out Pills Or Exercise

NutriMost has had to sue their rival company in an attempt to protect the creditworthiness of their name. Their rival company has chosen to steal their promotional videos and replace all mention of NutriMost with the slogan Can’t Lose Diet. The federal court has recently handed down a cease-and-desist order to prevent their rival company from continuing to use the video, but they have ignored the court order and shorten the video continuing to use it on their site. Their misleading information is promoting a meal plan that is similar to the one available through NutriiMost. Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video There have been a number of doctors in the industry that has spoken out about their programs because they do not promote healthy living or come with a guarantee. One chiropractor said their rival company is participating in risky behavior because they are not providing the results that they are advertising with the NutriMost promotional videos. There are a number of competing companies that are advertising false information and misleading the public into thinking that their products are safe or doctor recommended. Their meal plans can actually make customers sick and just be a way to get money by promoting false methods of losing weight. NutriMost promises to help their customers lose up to 40 pounds within 90 days without having to exercise. More importantly, you can eat when you want without the worry of ever being hungry. When you don’t have to exercise this protects people with problems with their joints or muscles. You don’t have to worry about further injuries, but you can still reach your weight lost goals. It is not necessary for you to take drugs in your attempt to lose weight with NutriMost. Visit their website for more details on how to lose the weight you want starting today. https://twitter.com/nutrimost

Danilo Diaz-Granados Is A Venezuelan Business Genius According To His Wealthy Clients

What makes a great investment advisor? A degree in finance and economics certainly helps. But successful investment advisors need more than just a formal education. They need the innate qualities of curiosity and relentlessness as well as the ability to… Continue Reading →

Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves Her Job

Sometimes people are a perfect fit for the work they choose to do in life. Such is the case for Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden is one the nation’s most lauded plastic surgeons. She has done much to help provide her… Continue Reading →

Duda Melzer And His Successful Career

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian businessman and he is the President of Grupo RBS. A few weeks ago, Melzer, whose first name is Eduardo but his nickname is Duda, became the executive president of the RBS Group. Duda previously worked… Continue Reading →

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