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Expect Proper Nutrition and Safety When it Comes to Using Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food in composed of the best nutrition for your canine best friend. With standards more strict than human foods, because of the fact that pet food is normally your pet’s entire diet, it is essential to be sure… Continue Reading →

The Following Recap

On Monday, Fox finished the third season of “The Following” with a two-hour season and series finale. In the first hour, Theo dragged Daisy back to Eliza’s apartment and demanded that Eliza give him two of her men. Theo, Daisy… Continue Reading →

Man Runs Over Police Officer

An incredible event took place in Savannah, Georgia last week. A police officer pulled over a 23-year old man named Brandon Adams. Apparently, Brandon was wanted for shoplifting in a nearby shopping mall. However, the police officer didn’t realize how… Continue Reading →

Top Summer Trends for 2015

This year, the fashion trends for men include everything from statement stripes to floral scarves and hats. With new endorsements by the popular fashion model Matt Landis, the chambray shirts and vibrant orange outerwear are again in fashion. Some of… Continue Reading →

Taking a different route towards business success with Vijay Eswaran

Achieving as much as possible in the business world is something the founder of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran understands perfectly. From being moved around on a regular basis as a child because of the work of his father to… Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence Victim Gets Happy Ending

Melissa Dohme, the survivor of a horrific domestic violence attack, is finally getting her happy ending, three years after her life was saved by EMTs in Florida. According to media reports in January of 2012 Dohme was stabbed more than… Continue Reading →

What Your Doctor Isn’t Saying

After you have surgery, you might think that you can go home and recover like nothing ever happened. This is sometimes not the case as there are things that doctors sometimes won’t tell you after your procedure. Depending on where… Continue Reading →

Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Thinks NSA Phone Snooping Should Continue

The Florida Senator Believes NSA Is Acting Honestly Running for president doesn’t mean the candidates have a grasp on the mass reality of the nation. Most of them are front men for special interests groups. They are trained to say… Continue Reading →

MIT Researchers Document Largest Ocean Waves Ever Recorded

The largest ocean waves in the world aren’t for surfing. They exist deep beneath the ocean’s surface and can travel thousands of miles from one continent to another. They are so gigantic that they are actually responsible for pushing the… Continue Reading →

Baltimore Residents Young and Old Come out to Help Clean up after Riots

Tuesday morning, as groups of local and state police guarded the streets of Baltimore following the damaging riots on Monday, other groups of individuals began to emerge. Some noble adults, teenagers and tots alike came out, armed with brooms and… Continue Reading →

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