Betsy DeVos and Educational Strategies

There’s no such thing as a project that’s too demanding for Mrs. Betsy DeVos. She’s never been the type of person to say no to things that are tough in this life. She’s actually always been the type to embrace challenges that come her way. She doesn’t think that the easy way out is ever the best solution. Being married to Dick DeVos has been a wondrous thing for Betsy. Although she previously was Elisabeth Prince, nothing much has changed in the temperament department for her. She’s still as tenacious as she always was. Studying at Calvin College was a great time for the young lady. She adored being on the campus of the Holland, Michigan school. She adored participating in all kinds of political campaigns as well.


President Donald J. Trump realizes just how fortunate he is to have Betsy DeVos on his side. He handpicked her with all of the care in the world. He knew instantly that she’d make a fantastic United States Secretary of Education. She has proven that over the past couple of years or so as well. Dick DeVos is immensely proud of his beloved wife and all of her achievements. He’s had so many lengthy conversations with her over the years. They’ve talked about their goals with regard to charity. They’ve spoken about their thoughts with regard to philanthropy as well. Their discussions often come to fruition in fascinating ways. They have The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to confirm their devotion to all sorts of pertinent American topics. It’s a not-for-profit that has been accommodating all kinds of concepts since its 1989 inception.


Dick DeVos doesn’t ever dismiss the thoughts that come out of his wife’s mouth. He comprehends that all of the things she says have extraordinary value. She doesn’t like to mince words. She doesn’t like to waste them at all, either. She regularly talks about the path that’s associated with educational choice in the United States. She just as frequently talks about the track to charter school success in the North American nation as well. There are never awkward silences when DeVos is around. People admire just how talented she is. They admire how talented she is at keeping conversations moving in the right direction, too.


People may not link DeVos to music. She has a connection to the entertainment sector, though. She attended a Miami charter school extravaganza in 2018. Pitbull was there right alongside her. He’s among the planet’s most unstoppable rap powerhouses. People have been going crazy for his tunes for years and years now. He has a huge fanbase all around the planet in general. Although DeVos is in no way a musician herself, she holds entertainers in high esteem. She wants all young people in the United States to be able to go after all of their ambitions. She doesn’t like the thought of people feeling limited or stifled at all. That’s why she strives to push the educational movement forward each day of the week.


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Small Business Owner Barbara Stokes Builds Permanent Housing Firm

Barbara Stokes is a small business owner who lives in Huntsville, Alabama. Her company is Green Structures Homes of Alabama LLC. She contracts with the government to provide permanent housing. This includes the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), the military, and state governments who need housing on college campuses. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Ideamensch.

After graduating from Mercer University in 2000, Barbara Stokes started her career at Pisces Corporation. She also worked for Boeing before launching her company in 2011. Barbara Stokes used her background in engineering and government contracting to establish a company that provides mobile and modular housing. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes has built a company that is now one of the “go-to” firms used by FEMA to quickly provide housing after a natural disaster, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The structures are built in her company’s facility in Huntsville and can be delivered anywhere in the nation.



Brian Torchin And His Work

Brian Torchin is the president and CEO of HCRC staffing. This is a company that is dedicated to staffing and consulting with medical offices and the professionals that work within them. Essentially, HCRC staffing works to place high quality medical professionals into jobs at various facilities. Prior to HCRC, finding and retaining good staff in the medical industry was a difficult task. Brian Torchin and HCRC currently operate in the American North Eastern region.

One of the main operations of HCRC is career counselling in the medical field. Brian Torchin works to help qualified individuals with sought-after skills enter careers that suit their talents. Obviously, he is good at this, as several clients stated that he was always able to provide several choices of high-quality candidates to open positions that they were offering. Another part of the success of HCRC is due to Torchin’s keen eye for details, as this helps him be a better entrepreneur. Knowing the medical field from his own time working in it also helps operate more fluidly within it. Finally, he strives to create long-term relationships with his clients, and these help his business. Usually, a client relationship would last only through one exchange, but for Brian Torchin, they last for several due to his personal touch.

While HCRC is based in the Atlantic North East, the customer base of the company stretches worldwide. Torchin also keeps up with several diverse social media accounts, but not through an assistant. He believes that this is a great way to not only stay knowledgeable about the competition, but also to help retain his business relationships. Networking is a critical component of his work. His commitment to social media also allows him to be readily available for clients, which is a critical component of his business acumen and overall clout.


Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum: A leader in Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery

The field of medicine is continuously adopting new technologies, more so the surgical department. One technique that is rapidly gaining popularity is the minimally invasive surgical technique due to the small incision and fewer recovery days. With the demand for minimally invasive surgery, surgeons such as Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum are rapidly growing in need.

Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum is a specialist in minimally invasive knee and hip replacement. Trained in Rothman Institute, for years, Dr. Ira has been a member of the American Academy of Orthopedics. He is also a member of The American Association of hip and knees surgeons. In 1994, Dr. Ira received the James A. Vohs award, a prestigious award given to doctors who exhibit quality in their line of specialism. Dr. Ira has been at the forefront of designing new technologies which erase the burden carried by patients. He is most renowned for designing a cement-less hip system.

Minimal invasive surgeries involve the use of advanced robots, which allows doctors to have a 3d view for a particular part of interest. These robotic devices have been designed to give surgeons better vision while also allowing them to have more control when carrying out surgeries. Additionally, these devices come with robotic arms which replace traditional hand movements, hence giving surgeons precise locations. All of these benefits can be achieved with incisions between one to two inches long.

There are a host of benefits to a patient who has accepted this type of surgery. One significant benefit is the size of the incision. A traditional surgery required incisions of between four to six inches; but for minimally invasive surgery, incisions are quite smaller between one and two inches. This difference in incision allows patients to move easily after the surgery. Additionally, this technique is less painful and allows patients to heal faster. After surgery, less swelling is witnessed in the area and also less invasion of the most sensitive nerves. Ultimately, patients are not required to use stronger drugs to relieve pain.

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Dick DeVos Saved Grand Rapids Airport from Bankruptcy

Going back to the early 1990s in Michigan, there were a lot of economic problems facing local business owners. Many jobs were removed because of the plants and factories leaving the state. In fact, Detroit suffered a severe depression that it is still recovering from today. At the time, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot that business leaders could do to offset these issues. So why didn’t western Michigan have the same problems as Detroit and other areas in northern Michigan?


The answer is linked back to the DeVos family. If you know anything about business in America, then you probably know the DeVos name. Richard DeVos is the co-founder of Amway, which has been a profitable, Fortune 500 company since the 1980s. His son Dick DeVos also led record-breaking sales at the company throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. However, it was 1991 that DeVos would return to Grand Rapids and find his hometown was dying economically. He decided to step in and help with city planning to bring back commerce and businesses to the downtown area.


He started by working with the business leaders in the area already. He wanted to build up the central area of downtown, but there were many plans for sports arenas and convention centers that were placed outside of the city center. DeVos didn’t want to do that. He had witnessed what had happened in Detroit with the Pontiac SilverDome and wanted to avoid pushing traffic outside of the main business district.


Together with these business leaders in western Michigan, DeVos created several new buildings around the business district. This would include the DeVos Place Convention Center, Andel Arena, and DeVos Performance Hall. All of these would bring in traffic and new commerce to the downtown area of Grand Rapids. However, DeVos wanted to take it a step further and truly expand Grand Rapids into a metropolis. To do that, he needed to work with the local airport.


Due to his work with the local airport, DeVos would go on to put Grand Rapids on the map, bringing in 3.26 million passengers to the area in 2018 alone. His work with the airport made him a legend and got him appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the FAA in 2017. He would now be working with transportation officials to help renovate other airports across the country, too. DeVos will continue to meet with the council for the next year.


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Agera Energy and How They Work for You

You can make use of Agera Energy and see why they are a trusted company for all of your needs. Make sure that you take a look at their services to see which one works best for you. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

By looking at their Facebook as well as a wide range of different reviews on the internet, it can be easy to see why Agera Energy is the choice for many homeowners and business owners. Read more about Agera Energy at

You can get to know more about Agera Energy online by going to their site and seeing which services you would like to utilize for your own needs. With so many people choosing Agera Energy, it is no wonder that they are a trusted choice for so many individuals wanting and needing to use this as an option for themselves. By going to the Agera Energy site, you can see why so many have already switched to them.



Nicolas Krafft And L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris has been working hard on their second annual fashion and beauty show that will be held in France. The cool think about this fashion and beauty show is that it features a floating catwalk. This fashion and beauty show is completely open to the public. Which helps it to become an even bigger success. This fashion show allows them to show off their latest trends.

The L’Oreal Paris fashion and beauty show draws in some of the biggest names when it comes to fashion and modeling. L’Oreal Paris works very hard to use this show as a way to show diversity and creativity. This show is always held in the spring/summer months. This year’s show is going to feature over seventy new hair and makeup looks. As well as over ten fashion brands.

Nicolas Krafft has worked hard for L’Oreal Paris to help put this show together. He has worked for L’Oreal Paris for many years and he knows what it takes to make this show a huge success. Nicolas Krafft is so good at helping to run L’Oreal Paris because he not only has experience in the fashion and beauty side of things but he also has experience in the marketing side of things.

Nicolas Krafft has been working hard to take L’Oreal Paris up the ladder. Nicolas Krafft plays a lot of roles in helping to keep the company grounded and running. He works hard on a daily basis and has gained a lot of success because of this. L’Oreal Paris is going to continue to take Nicolas Krafft to the top. He is going to see success for many more years to come.

The Success Of Billionaire Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, which is one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers. Fortress Investment Group is currently managing $39.2 billion. The company was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, and Wesley Edens, and has over 1,750 clients that have trusted them with their assets.

With the success of Fortress Investment Group Randal Nardone has become very wealthy. He has a net worth of roughly $1.8 billion which ranks him #557 on the Forbes billionaire list. His partner in co-founding Fortress Investment Group, Wesley Edens, has a net worth of roughly $1.2 billion which ranks him #962 on the Forbes billionaire list. This amount of wealth between the Co-founders of Fortress Investment Group shows that the company has been extremely successful in the last 20 years and could potentially sustain this success in the future.

For a company to establish the success that Fortress Investment Group has had the work environment for their employees must be good. When looking at the reviews that have been provided from the Fortress employees that is exactly what they have said. Numerous employees have made comments about how they feel valued, such as “management cultivates an environment where everyone feels valued”. Also, for companies like Fortress to sustain the success that they have had they must have intelligent people working for them. Numerous employees admitted that their co-workers were very intelligent comments such as, “Fortress employees tend to be very intelligent” and “I was always very busy and had a lot of smart people to learn from”.

Fortress is a very successful business that is run by very bright individuals. As shown by the ranking on Forbes billionaires list and the performance of the company that he Co-founded, Randal Nardone is a very successful individual and has many other opportunities to build upon his success.

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NexBank Capital Ranks High In Annual S&P Global Market Intelligence Tier List

NexBank Capital, a company based out of Dallas, Texas recently announced that it placed third in the overall categories relating to the financial services offered by the company. The company was awarded the third rank in the S&P Global Market Intelligence list that was put out earlier this year. The list notes down all of the best-performing companies in the United States and outlines some of the incredible work that these companies have been able to do.

It goes without saying that NexBank is ranked incredibly high on this list because of the incredible amount of services that the company has been able to provide to its clients over the past year. The company has been gaining assets that go in the billions range and have had numerous successful deals through the course of the last year. The annual return of the company has been one of the highest over the past one year, which is another reason why the company has been able to perform so efficiently within the financial sector.

The list put out by S&P Global Market Intelligence was based on the overall performance of the top financial companies within the country. The companies within this industry were taken and analyzed based on their overall performance as well as their ability to stand tall within this sector. The deals that the companies have performed over the past one year were mostly taken into consideration along with their overall profit margin and performance for the year. Based on this analysis, the companies that showcased the most success were ranked based on their overall rating. You can checkout to see more.

About NexBank Capital

NexBank Capital prides itself in being one of the top financial service companies in the country and has stood as a notable name within this industry for a significantly long period of time. The company has served a wide range of clients over the years and continues to offer an incredible quality of service to clients who come to them. Even though the company offers its services regardless of sector, there are three main areas that the company is known to be fairly proficient with. These include the sector of Banking, Mortgages and Institutional Services.




Barbara Stokes Overcoming the Challenges of Disaster Relief

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and the problems with sheltering thousands upon thousands of displaced citizens, the U.S. Government and private contractors took many steps to improve their response. One of the issues that arose came from the use of FEMA trailers used to shelter families. Many who used them complained of various illnesses, which was due to high levels of Formaldehyde from the low cost materials used in their construction. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Stokes, the founder of Green Structure Homes, helped rectify those problems. When Hurricane Harvey hit, her company was contracted to build portable shelters for families affected by the storm. With a background in manufacturing and management, Barbara Stokes’s company built shelters safer, more durable, and healthier than the ones used during Katrina. But it was not just a job for her. As a mother of three, Barbara Stokes explained she empathized with those in need and wanted her and her company to do all they could to churn out the homes.


Barbara Stokes is a 2001 graduate of Mercer University. She worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing before she and her husband founded GSH in Huntsville, Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.