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Living Death of an Icon

The recent allegations against Bill Cosby have been a sad moment not even his death could match. With such skits as, ” Will you stop touching me and the memorable Cosby Show, it is hard to believe that this role… Continue Reading →

Five Feet of Snow Blankets Upstate New York in Unprecedented Early Winter STorm

A lake effect snow storm in Buffalo, New York coated the region in upwards of 60 inches of snow earlier this week. The storm is not yet done, either. More snow is expected to fall in the region through Thursday evening. … Continue Reading →

Makeup Distributor, Sephora Accused of Racism

Sephora has angered users at a special sale for its VIP customers. The brand has blocked access to this sale, for a large number of accounts whose names had an Asian sound. The private sale offered a 20% discount and… Continue Reading →

Child Homelessness Rises

Homelessness is a bug problem throughout the world. What many do not realize though is that this problem is real and alive and well in America as well. The rates of homeless men and women have surged over the period… Continue Reading →

Why Did “Dumb and Dumber to” Make so Much Money?

“Dumb and Dumber 2″ got some pretty bad reviews. It is, after all, a movie about a couple of idiots who drive around in a furry dog-car. So why did it make so much money? How did it soundly defeat… Continue Reading →

Cannabis Saves the Day Again

Another incredible discovery has been made regarding the medicinal use of cannabis. It is already being used in several therapeutic ways to treat medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, according to Cornelsen. Now it has been found to significantly shrink… Continue Reading →

Everest College Accused of Being Predatory

Everyone has seen Everest University’s commercials. There’s the one with the guy in the baseball cap imploring couch potatoes to get up and make something of themselves and then there’s the one with the single mother desperately pleading with all… Continue Reading →

Child Poisoning As A Result Of Detergent

Detergent pods have quickly become a convenience that many of us cannot do without. Although they re posing a threat to the health and safety of young children. The pods, and the packages that they come in are brightly colored… Continue Reading →

The Problem of Congressional Efficacy: A Remedy From A Brazilian Living in America

PolitiFact Verified, the United States Congress has the lowest approval rating of all the government branches, at eleven percent. However, incumbents are re-elected nearly ninety-six percent of the time. Intriguingly, an explanation for this would be that Americans like their… Continue Reading →

Final Ebola Case Released from Care

With the final case of known Ebola in the United States released from the hospital, there are officially no known cases of Ebola left in the country 41 days after the first case was diagnosed in Texas. Dr. Craig Spencer… Continue Reading →

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