Jeff Aronin and the Three-Step Strategy of Paragon Biosciences

Paragon Biosciences’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Aronin, has been continuously committed in helping patients who are afflicted with a disease that have scarce or no available treatment alternatives. For the past decade, the FDA or Food and Drug Authority have approved 13 new drugs that were produced by Paragon Biosciences. The investor and incubator company was able to accomplish such feat by incorporating its three-step method of identify, building and developing prospective medicines.

In the identify stage, Jeff Aronin and his team must be able to uncover specific ailments that have little or no remedies available. Then the company reviews the number of individuals afflicted with the disease, and searches for available treatments that physicians can provide. After this, Paragon will explore and study the patients’ situation meticulously to know the scientific facts about the disease. The information must be substantial enough to meet the requirements of the patients.

The next stage is to build, where after having been successful in the identification of the disease; Paragon Biosciences will now put together companies that will work to generate the required medicine ( While there may be a strong possibility that the creation of the needed medicine can take some time, maybe years even, Paragon will provide the needed resources and support of the said companies to make sure that the development of drugs and the necessary approvals are achieved in an efficient manner.

Once the building phase is over, Paragon’s executive management will handle the paper works and transactions required for FDA approval. And for the past 10 years, Paragon Biosciences was able to secure the approval of 13 new drugs, which is a better accomplishment compared to other forerunners in the industry.

The Paragon Biosciences Companies at present are the: Castle Creek, Harmony Biosciences, Decade and Precision BP. These companies have different strategies in addressing particular medical and clinical fields.

Jeff Aronin is a Non-Executive Chairman of numerous Paragon companies. He has been acknowledged for his contributions in the bioscience industry by award giving organizations who bestowed the following awards to Jeff Aronin: the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, and the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Awards.

Digital Wallets, The Tool Of The Millennials

Since the starting of the 21st century, currency exchanged has taken countless upgrades. Not too long ago, people relied mostly on cash and checks to make payments. If the trade is huge, than they used checks. Otherwise, they relied mostly on cash for payments. Then came the credit cards, and after that debit cards. But since the year 2000, technology went to a whole new level. With the release of pay-pal, online trading took a new turn. And after that, apple pay and now, the release of PSI-pay and Ecopayz bear a promising new image of a game-changer.


Despite all the changes, one thing people never thought they would have to do is abandon their ‘wallets’. And that is what PSI-pay is doing. Establishing the concept of a digital wallet right in your smart phones. Where no one has to carry around that fold-able bag of leather full of ‘paper’ and cards. Rather, carry it around where-ever and when-ever you wish to leave your house, without the fear checking your pocket to see whether your wallet is still where should be or not.


Today’s millennials are highly advanced. They want things done with speed rather then wait. So digital wallets really save them the hassle. And slowly, the old-school adults are also liking the idea of digital payments. And PSI-pay has a great role in that. Because not only does it speed up a transaction, it also does it securely. Waiting in line at a fast food restaurant and paying the cashier and then counting your change just seems really back-dated and slow. Specially in an era where time means money.


Due to this game change, the economy has also adopted to it. Now in every busy city, majority of stores have started to accept payments through digital wallets, and by 2020, every retail store in the US and Europe will accept digital payments. Not to mention the fact that, through wearable technology, the concept of actually taking out anything from your pockets to make a payment will be the day of the past.

OSI Food Solutions: Servicing the Service Industry

Who services the service industry. Well, in the case of food service there are a few major players. OSI is one of these companies. OSI has an interesting history. Starting off in a small town in Ohio, the — now major — food company has seen some ups and downs in its history. Trying to compete with the mega food industry players isn’t easy, but OSI has been doing it and doing it well. Their reliance on employee care and customer satisfaction have gained them notoriety around the world and with it a slew of new problems.

One of these problems is a simple production one. OSI Food Solutions isn’t alone on this issue. The world demands meat and lots of it. Every meat packaging company has issues keeping up with the increasing demand. Driving prices down, while simultaneously feeding all 7 plus billion people on the planet over 75 lbs of meat a year isn’t easy. One way of doing this is increasing production, something with OSI has been doing. An example of this is their Toledo, Spain factory where they recently increased it’s capacity from 12,000 tons of chicken to 24,000 tons of chicken annually. The other way, is increasing network, brand, and production capabilities via acquisition. In this aspect, OSI Food Solutions is a master.

Over the last couple years, two major purchases have set OSI Food Solutions apart from the competition. The first of which is Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that offers various convenience items such as deli meats and other foods. The company has five subsidiaries that operate factories in Germany and the Netherlands. OSI recently absorbed Baho Foods making them the new deli meat supplier of northern Europe. This gives them solid trade routes in difficult to establish countries such as the Netherlands while also giving them some new products to bring to the table.

The other major purchase was Flagship Europe (now Creative Food Solutions) a company that specializes in frozen poultry, pies, sauces, and sandwich fillings. Creative Foods supplies some of the largest food service industry players in the UK. Adding these products to their portfolio gives OSI Food Solutions a key area of expertise in a nuanced market. It also serves to improve their brand identity as a whole.

OSI has become the master of acquisition. Having the ability to craft compelling products while also keeping a sharp eye out for competitors in niche markets have put OSI Food Solutions high on the list of the Top 100 Food Companies in the world.

About OSI Food Solutions:

Lori Senecal is an Exemplary Business Leader

Great leaders are often very crucial team players since they seem to appreciate the essence of good teamwork. They also seem to agree that collaboration will always make the dream work come true. In the business world, great leaders who appreciate partnership are just but in plenty. No wonder great women who succeeded in the business world value teamwork. Lori Senecal would be a perfect example having set the bar quite high in the business world.


Background Data


Lori Senecal starts her vibrant career with a degree in sales and marketing which, acts as her essential tool in making her success story. Her innovation skills were not too far off as she started TAG ideation a young –adult marketing unit in 2003.She posses a widespread knowledge in the management of a multinational account and accredited expertise on data analytics. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Contribution to Business


Moreover, Senecal is pretty knowledgeable especially in matters of marketing and advertising. She gives her all in business and is persuaded by the fact that at the end of the year, what matters are the numbers. To have come all the way, Lori Senecal worked with various companies to shape her career in business, advertising, and marketing. For starters, she notably worked for Coca-Cola, Nestle, Molson, InBev and Applebee’s just to mention a few. Additionally, she worked for Xbox and Staples. In all her capacities as a lead executive, she ensured that business was on the safest platform ever. And that is perhaps how she managed to maneuver her roles into CP+B. Check out Mediapost to know more.


Her Skills


Because she is rich in multinational accounting knowledge, Lori Senecal managed to earn a promotion to manage the sales and marketing department division at McCann Erickson Worldwide. She was also allowed to serve as the managing director for TAG New York. In 2009, Lori Senecal landed a managerial role at Kirshenbaum Bond Partners where she worked as the chief executive officer. You can visit Inspirery to know more.


The Overview of Leadership


When it comes to success in business, then we know none so well that leadership is in question. Lori Senecal has exuded confidence in her leadership skills. Throughout the years of experience, she has shown that indeed, great leadership is the essence of a successful business.



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Why Choose OSI, One of America’s Top 100 Food Companies?

When searching for a partner to supply food products, many businesses look at budgetary concerns first and fail to research how each vendor might be different. At OSI, we believe that our experience and strong presence in the global marketplace makes us stand out. Our reputation of quality service and commitment to quality food products has made us one of America’s top 100 food companies. Here are just a few reasons that we stand out among food production companies across the nation and around the world.

One of the many reasons OSI has become a top 100 company is due to our approach to helping our customers. Food solutions from many companies are one size fits all options that may not meet the needs of a specific business. OSI changes this by developing custom products that work to a specific company’s needs and dietary preferences. All the solutions provided by OSI are easily scaleable to help food production move quickly.

Since we are living in a global economy, America’s top companies must have a worldwide presence to stay competitive. With a large global footprint and many resources at hand, OSI is uniquely equipped to partner with businesses all over the world. With our own global supply chain and years of experience moving perishable products to areas all over the world, we ensure that nothing stops our customers from receiving our deliveries. OSI operates in over 17 countries, and our teams are equipped to meet the food preparation and cleanliness standards of the governing bodies in any one of them.

With a chicken production capacity of nearly twice our competitors, OSI provides fast and effective service without sacrificing the quality you expect. As we continue to pioneer new and exciting food service methods, we are sure we will be remaining one of the top food companies in the US for many years to come.

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Matt Badiali Loves Sharing The News About Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali serves as an important asset to Banyan Hill Publishing. He Has been talking about Freedom Checks for several years now, and all of this begs several questions: Number one, just what is this new concept that Matt Badiali has been teasing about? Are Freedom Checks The real deal or just another scam? The answer to that might be very surprising to you. Visit the website to learn more.

No, it’s not a scam, even though some of the characteristics of these “Freedom Checks” would give lesser-educated people a bit of a pause. However, that is unfortunate, because when these Freedom Checks give you the promise of 5000 % returns they are actually telling the truth. All you have to do is some simple research.

First of all, is it important to understand that these Freedom checks are not issued by countries but they are issued by companies called Master Limited Partnerships. In order to qualify as an MLP, the company in question must be willing to consistently give at least 90% of their income to their investors. This income is what is called “Freedom Checks”, and at present there are 568 companies that issue these monthly or quarterly payments. Read this article at Money Morning.

Most of these master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s) are known for operating oil and gas pipelines. like anything else, and investment in these companies is a risk. However, Matt Badiali has an immense amount of advice to help you increase your portfolio with these companies.

First of all, Matt Badiali recommends reviewing the profitability of each company you are considering investing in very closely. if they have revenue in excess of a billion dollars per year, chances are your Freedom Checks will continue to grow. Secondly, these “Freedom Checks” Might resemble dividend payments when they come out but they are not. instead, you should view this as simply a “return of capital.” This means you do not have to pay taxes on these Investments!

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali got his start as a geologist before transferring over to the investment markets. He is fully experienced and helping speculators triple or quadruple their money, simply because he fully understands the nature of the precious metals market.


Ian King: views on why cryptocurrency is the newest goldmine

Ian King: views on why cryptocurrency is the newest goldmine.

Ian King is an experienced trader who deals in cryptocurrency. He has managed several financial institutions including a hedge fund. He has accumulated a wealth of experience in the financial market concerning both trade and market analysis. Famous business sights and articles have featured his point of view in regards to cryptocurrency trade. He has provided insight on the matter to Zero Hedge and Investopedia. Currently, Ian King is a senior analyst for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is known for having developed the first ever crypto investing product for Investopedia Academy. It was the only product in existence of its kind. Stay updated with Ian at

Ian King got his first job working for a company called Salomon Brothers as a desk clerk in the department of mortgage bond trading. He later worked for Citigroup bank in handling credit derivatives. He then worked at a hedge fund company in New York called Peahi Capital. He worked in the bank for ten years with his job being a head trader.

He later joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 to assist readers on the jargons related to the cryptocurrency market. Ian King is the editing professional at Crypto Profit Trader Service. This service acts as an investment advisor and provides analysis on successful cryptocurrency ideologies and trades. He also does a weekly article apprising readers of the most recent cryptocurrency developments. This is done through the Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily.

Ian King recently published an article on why CryptoCorn is revolutionizing the financial sector. He explains that investors should often view cryptocurrency as an alternative opportunity for investing. The financial barriers, in this case, are minimal hence the existing startups attract a large number of willing investors. Ian continues that these investors spend only small amounts, therefore, reducing the risk of losing a lot of money. Cryptocurrency investments make it easily accessible to have stake-holding that are corporate.


In a short span, these start-up increase in market value to a point where they are valued at $1 billion. The startups are known as Crypto coins and they are the source of the attraction to multiple hungry investors. Cryptocurrency can also be traded at individual capacity without the involvement of any company or entity. This method has been proved to be more comfortable and even more profitable as compared to Crypto Corns. Hence, it is mostly preferred by many investors. Follow Ian King on

Book Review: Sean Penn’s Book

Book Review: “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” by Author Sean Penn
One of Hollywood’s most talented and skilled actors, Sean Penn, has proven he is also a writer with dimensional insight.

Although his book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” seems pointedly political, Sean Penn, Academy Award winner, in an MSNBC interview with media host, Ari Melber, on the TV program, “The Beat,” he provides greater depth about the true nature of the book’s plot. As Sean Penn describes it, the plot is based more on political “culture.”

Political Accountability
According to Sean Penn’s own words, the political position of the book’s plot holds Americans accountable for U.S. leadership.

In one portion of the book, he wrote about the American obsession with branding. He elucidated his views on how invested Americans are about branding everything, including themselves.

As a result of Sean Penn’s, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, , the Mexican drug cartel has refused to allow their members to read it.

Sean Penn has always been willing to fly outside of the predictable flock’s formation. His book shows a unique writing talent for presenting characters, timing, dialogue and plot in precision literary strategy. This may be attributable to his many years of exposure to films, movie scripts and his experience as a film producer.

Axis of Theatrical Power
Like his fellow actors, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, who also made the natural step into producing films of significant theatrical power, Sean Penn has added a third dimension to his professional career with, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” by bringing the book’s purpose to the audience Sean Penn knows best: the average American.

However, the powerful message in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” about the link between leadership, political accountability and the branding obsession, is bound to have worldwide repercussions for leaders and anyone who is linked to their government.

Read Entertainment Weekly’s review.

The Reasons to Make Use of GoBuyside

GoBuyside is a leading financial recruitment agency that works with individuals to help them find the best financial investors, hedge funds and firms that will meet their goals and needs. When it comes to handling all of your own finances, it can be difficult to do this without getting some type of help. If you’re looking for assistance and know that you need to work with professional financial advisors, you need to get GoBuyside on your side. They have a team of talented professionals who work diligently around the clock to match clients with the proper equity firms, investment managers and advisory platforms. Visit to know more.

When there are lots of things to do for your finances, it is time that you gave GoBuyside a try for yourself. They have over 500 clients using and recruiting from and on GoBuyside, so it’s a company that you can trust with just about any financial need that you have. Likewise, they are available for help when it is needed by contacting them by email or telephone. They can also be found on social media if this is a platform you’d rather use to find out more about their services.

Because they work with so many clients, there is no reason why GoBuyside cannot find the right financial platform for you as an individual or a business owner. You don’t have to do the research because GoBuyside does it all for you, saving you time and possibly money if you happen to hire the wrong expert. You can make an account through the GoBuyside site to learn more and gain full access to the clients best suited to your needs. Your budget will also be taken into consideration when the folks at GoBuyside work with you to get you connected with the right financial professional agency and firm. Read more about GoBuyside at

They work with over 10,000 different financial clients who are all working diligently to help you realize the potential in your budget or company. There is no reason to consider going at the financial aspect of your business alone when GoBuyside can match you with one of the best agencies available to assist in both investing and budgeting. No matter what you are going to do with your company, it is a good idea to give GoBuyside a try and see why this company is as popular as it has been for people interested in the process.

When you need a financial agency that you can trust and are unsure of how to search for them on your own, you’ll want to make use of GoBuyside and know that this is something you’re going to enjoy. The company does all of the research on their own so that you’re just matched with one of the 10,000 agencies that they are able to recruit to your needs. Next, you’ll be on your way to running a successful company and know that it is one of the best things you could ever do for the company that you are currently running.


Matt Badiali: Why People Should Invest in Freedom Checks

When Matt Badiali’s video about freedom checks became viral, so many people started to hunt down MLPs, or the master limited partnerships which include more than 500 oil and petroleum businesses. Their objective is to get their hands on these checks so that they could buy it and become a shareholder. This sudden expose of Matt Badiali has given the signal for the public to purchase these checks, and because of the sudden influx of buyers, its potential increased. The video posted by Matt Badiali details where and how these checks can be obtained, and the public used this information to buy these checks.

The video uploaded by Matt Badiali is making up rounds online. He is a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, and he is also a geologist who worked with oil and petroleum companies in the past. The information regarding freedom checks came from one of his colleagues. He shared that when he attended a conference open to those who are in the business of oil and petroleum industry, he heard something about these checks. According to one of his colleagues, the United States Congress authorized Statute 26-F and gave the companies which are focusing their operations in oil and petroleum a privilege to be exempted in paying their taxes, given that they would fully operate in the United States and will provide freedom checks to the public. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

The oil and petroleum companies agreed to the condition, and today, these companies are still observing their strict compliance with the rule. Because of Statute 26-F, the public could buy freedom checks from MLPs, and there would be not that much requirement. Matt Badiali added that more people who have seen the video are starting to reconsider their strategies in investment and that they will be putting some of their money to this new investment option. Matt Badiali ends up being successful in telling the world that these checks exist, and he would only have to wait for a few months to see the changes in the market that they have entered.

It will be a long way for the Americans to learn the importance of saving and investing. But for Matt Badiali, it is better for him to save early compared to when he is already old and devoid of energy. He also stated that aside from promoting the checks from oil and petroleum company, he will also need to conduct studies regarding the people who have purchased the checks. Read more: